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Citrus Heights police plan tickets-not-treats this Halloween

Citrus Heights police plan tickets-not-treats this Halloween

Warning that October 31 is statistically “one of the most deadly nights of the year,” the Citrus Heights Police Department announced it will be deploying extra officers to the streets as part of a “DUI Saturation Patrol” operation this weekend, according to a press release from the Department.

“We want people to remember: like ‘Trick-or-Treat;’ ‘Drink-or-Drive.’ One or the other, but never both,” said CHPD Sergeant Dave Gutierrez in a written statement to the media. “Before you take your first sip of alcohol on October 31, figure out who your designated sober driver will be.”

Police say additional officers will be out looking for signs of alcohol or drug impairment beginning Halloween night and extending through the weekend, adding that drinking-while-walking can be “just as dangerous” as drinking-while-driving.

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that among fatalities involving pedestrians in 2012, 34 percent involved the pedestrian being above the legal limit for blood alcohol content, while only 14 percent involved the driver being drunk…

by · October 29, 2014 · Police
Long lines fuel Dutch Bros. Coffee fundraiser for slain officers

Long lines fuel Dutch Bros. Coffee fundraiser for slain officers

Long lines of cars and pedestrians flooded the Citrus Heights Dutch Bros. Coffee location Wednesday, as the company announced its Sacramento-area locations would participate in “Proceeds Day” to support the families of two fallen officers in Placer and Sacramento County.

“The Sheriff’s Department has always had our back. It is our time to have theirs,” said local Dutch Bros. owner Nikol Grubbs in a press release announcing the event. “They are customers, but more importantly they are always looking out for the safety of our staff which means more to us than we can say.”

The Citrus Heights Police Department (CHPD) tweeted a “thank you” to the coffee company early this morning, and told followers “Don’t forget to stop by @DutchBrosSac today.” The Department also dispatched officers to help keep lines moving quickly, as cars were backed up for several hundred feet in the parking lot.

“We support anyone who’s raising funds for the fallen deputies,” said CHPD Sergeant Jason Baldwin. “Our role is to support Dutch Bros through talking with community members and traffic calming measures.”

by · October 29, 2014 · Business
Construction on Citrus Heights' new Walmart market is expected to be "substantially completed" by November 14, according to SD Deacon.

Walmart Market opens January 7 in Citrus Heights

A new Walmart Neighborhood Market on Sunrise Boulevard is scheduled to open just after New Year’s, bringing 95 jobs and a 39,000 square feet grocery store to Citrus Heights, according to a construction superintendent in charge of remodeling the location…

by · October 28, 2014 · Business
TUES NIGHT: Sup’t to recommend school board close, move Sylvan

TUES NIGHT: Sup’t to recommend school board close, move Sylvan

Superintendent Kent Kern Tuesday night will recommend San Juan Unified School District board members approve a controversial proposal to shift Citrus Heights Elementary students to Carriage Drive Elementary, and move Sylvan Middle School students over to an $18.2 million modernized Citrus Heights Elementary campus, saying it’s a cost-efficient way to handle problems with Sylvan’s deteriorating building and declining enrollment.

Rejecting a popular proposal from vocal parents who advocate rebuilding the 76-year-old Sylvan school, Kern’s closure-and-consolidation recommendation would cost $10-20 million less than the $44 million estimated to rebuild the school — or the $30.8 million now estimated to “fix” it, according to recommendation documents included in the Board’s October 28 agenda packet.

Kern’s closure recommendation also highlights declining enrollment figures which show Citrus Heights schools are only utilizing 63 percent of their enrollment capacity, indicating while 2016-17 projected K-8 enrollment is 5,085 students, there’s unused capacity for over 3,000 more pupils.

Upset parents have vowed to show up in numbers at Tuesday’s meeting…

by · October 27, 2014 · Schools
"2011-11-22 Wells Fargo ATMs lit at night" by Ildar Sagdejev (Specious) - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Saturday: Citrus Heights bank robbed, police arrest two

Citrus Heights police arrested two suspects Saturday after officers responded to a reported bank robbery at the Sunrise Boulevard Wells Fargo, where a possibly armed suspect entered the bank and demanded money, according to Lieutenant Jason Russo.

A press release by the Citrus Heights Police Department said the suspect fled in a dark vehicle along with an additional person, and was seen driving south on Sunrise Boulevard. The license plate for the vehicle indicated it was stolen, and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department was notified — with deputies shortly locating the vehicle, although unoccupied.

The Department says further investigation led officers to locate and detain two Rancho Cordova males, who are “suspected of being involved in the robbery” — although the investigation is still ongoing…

by · October 25, 2014 · Police
Cars pass by the newly completed Old Auburn Multi-Use Trail in Citrus Heights.

Old Auburn Rd boasts new $1.1M roadside trail

Designed to encourage more walkability in Citrus Heights, a new 4,100-foot trail has opened on Old Auburn Road just east of Fair Oaks Boulevard, featuring a wide, fully paved path for bikes, pedestrians and mobility scooters…

by · October 24, 2014 · Community
Citrus Heights residents Kathleen Ring and daughter Randi sign a plastic bag petition outside Walmart, Thursday.

Controversial plastic bag ban stirs up local Walmart shoppers

Updated Oct. 24, 11:20 a.m. —
Drawing signatures of support as well as angry remarks, a paid petition-gatherer set up outside the Citrus Heights Walmart for several hours Thursday, hoping to gather signatures for an effort to overturn a recently passed law that would ban stores from offering plastic bags beginning July 1, 2015 — if opponents don’t gather enough signatures to put the issue before voters on the ballot.

“I need these plastic bags,” said Kathleen Ring as she walked out of Walmart with a cart full of items bagged in plastic. “What else are you gonna pick up dog crap with?”

Others like shopper Tricia Wallen didn’t hold the same view, muttering “I’m not signing it — I want em gone,” as she passed by the petition table…

by · October 23, 2014 · Business, Community
Stock photo, Citrus Heights police officers

CHPD wins $182k grant for more DUI checkpoints, safety enforcement

The Citrus Heights Police Department (CHPD) announced Tuesday it was awarded $182,525 in grant money for a one-year special enforcement and education program, aimed at reducing traffic-related deaths and injuries in the city.

“I am proud of our continued partnership with the Office of Traffic Safety,” said Lieutenant Ryan Kinnan in a press release, referring to past grants the local Department has received from OTS.

CHPD says deaths and injuries fell significantly between 2006 and 2010 in Citrus Heights, but saw “slight increases” in 2011 and 2012. Kinnan is hopeful that “innovative strategies” funded by this latest grant will help reduce collisions and injuries in the city…

by · October 22, 2014 · Police
Volvo Crashes Through Front of Safeway on Greenback

Volvo Crashes Through Front of Safeway on Greenback

Citrus Heights’ Safeway received an unwanted cosmetic adjustment over the weekend when a driver rammed his older-model Volvo into the front of the building, damaging a large pillar and part of the front wall…

by · October 21, 2014 · Community, Police
30-year-old Andrew Carpenter assesses potential damage done from a large oak tree that fell in front of his house over the weekend.

Large tree uproots overnight, falls on power line, misses car

Citrus Heights resident Andrew Carpenter came home from celebrating his 30th birthday in Lake Tahoe over the weekend to find a large oak tree uprooted in his front yard — partially blocking the road and resting right where his car is usually parked.

“If it would’ve fallen the other way, that would have been a disaster,” said Andrew Carpenter, who said the only damage to property was a scuff on his mailbox, despite the tree being rooted just five feet from his house and landing on a power line. “It’s a miracle that it didn’t hurt anything.”

Neighbors said they heard a crash around 1 a.m. on Saturday morning, but with no wind or rain that night, they were surprised to find the tree completely blocking their only exit path on Phoenix Lane, near Old Auburn Boulevard.

“I thought something fell on my house ’cause the house shook,” said neighbor Gary McDonald…

by · October 20, 2014 · Community