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Citrus Heights Vice Mayor Sue Frost (left) and council member Jeannie Bruins (right) accept the 2014 "Growing Greenprint" award from the Sacramento Tree Foundation. // Photo courtesy of City of Citrus Heights.

Citrus Heights Wins ‘Greenprint’ Award from Tree Foundation

The City of Citrus Heights received the 2014 “Growing Greenprint” award from the Sacramento Tree Foundation this month, in recognition of the City’s “noteworthy contributions” toward building a better urban forest.

“We are honored to receive the Growing Greenprint Award,” said Citrus Heights Vice Mayor Sue Frost, who accepted the award on behalf of the City. “We appreciate Sacramento Tree Foundation who has played an important role in helping our city achieve our greenhouse gas reduction goals.”

Contributing factors that led to the award include the City’s establishing of urban forest policies, developing community partnerships, working to create an Urban Forest Management Plan and the City’s planting of approximately 150 new trees in 2013.

Emphasizing the benefit of trees in the city, the vice mayor explained the role of trees in promoting clean air, protecting against harmful UV rays and helping to filter and retain water.

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New City Hall: Environmental and Traffic Impact Report Released

New City Hall: Environmental and Traffic Impact Report Released

Over 800 pages of documents were released for public review this week, as part of the City’s proposed plan to move City Hall to Antelope Road and allow a 68,000 square feet medical building to be built in its place.

The documents include a detailed assessment of environmental and traffic impacts at the new hall’s proposed location, as well as the medical office building location at Greenback Lane and Fountain Square Drive.

Environmental assessment portions of the documents make up nearly 700 pages, while the traffic study portion details the findings of Fehr & Peers in a 47-page report, with an additional 110 pages of appendices. Among other findings, the study determined that a new traffic light would be necessary if the new hall were to be built on Antelope Road, between Mariposa Avenue and Auburn Boulevard.

The Citrus Heights Planning Division included a statement along with the documents which indicated the proposal would require the City to amend its General Plan in order to change the land use designation from “public use” to “general commercial” on a portion of the proposed medical building site. The statement also said the City would need to amend its zoning code in order to allow public buildings at the residential-zoned Antelope Road site.

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By Dwight Burdette (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Sac County Election Survey Seeks Voter Feedback

Did you vote at a polling location on Tuesday? If so, the Sacramento County Elections Department wants to hear about your voting experience.

A new survey posted on the elections department website seeks voter feedback on questions ranging from how long it took to cast a ballot, to how satisfied voters were with poll station workers.

Taking about a minute to complete, all but two of the survey’s 13 questions are multiple choice. The two questions that allow extended comments have a space for voters to write in their own comments about their experience on Tuesday, and also a spot for suggestions on new polling place locations for future elections.

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An early rendering from 2014 showing the three-story medical office building at Fountain Square Drive and Greenback Lane. // Courtesy of Dignity Health

City Takes Heat from Residents Over Controversial New City Hall Proposal

Controversy erupted at a community meeting this week over a proposal to bring a new 3-story medical office building to the existing Citrus Heights city hall location, and move the hall to Antelope Drive.

In a full room of about 200 people, public comments from the audience were largely critical or skeptical of the proposal, although Board Chairman Evan Jacobs from the Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce announced the Chamber had recently taken a unanimous vote in support of the proposal.

The meeting was the sixth in a series of evening sessions designed by the City to inform the community about the proposal and invite feedback from residents — and during the evening’s four separate Q&A times, many residents expressed concern over building size, construction noise, traffic, location choice and cost.

Event Facilitator Wendy Hoyt sought to keep the meeting moderated and on schedule, but audience members shouted accusations of “cutting off” speakers when she tried to close comments while a few hands were still up in the room.

Holding a Citrus Heights city council proclamation in recognition of Building Safety Month, Susan McLendon and Greg Anderson from the building department stand with Mayor Mel Turner (right).

City Kicks Off Building Safety Month

The Citrus Heights building department hosted a Thursday kick-off event in order to raise awareness to Building Safety Month, an international effort which seeks to improve building safety through education during the month of May.

In addition to the city council passing a Building Safety Month proclamation, city officials were at work educating about building safety even before the month-long event began.

An April monthly meeting of the Citrus Heights Neighborhood Area 6 featured a visit from Chief Building Official Greg Anderson who discussed the purpose of Building Safety Month, and explained the “why’s” of building codes.

ELECTION: Sample Ballots Arrive for Citrus Heights Voters

ELECTION: Sample Ballots Arrive for Citrus Heights Voters

With the primary election coming up in just over a month, Citrus Heights voters can expect to receive their sample ballot pamphlets in the mail this week — if they haven’t already — according to a press release by the Sacramento County Registrar of Voters.

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New City Hall Proposal: Final Community Meeting on April 30

New City Hall Proposal: Final Community Meeting on April 30

A final community meeting to discuss the potential relocation and construction of a new city hall for Citrus Heights has been scheduled for April 30.

The meeting is the last in a series of City-hosted community discussions, following a proposal by Dignity Health last year to build a 66,000 square feet medical office building in place of the existing hall on Fountain Square Drive.

Although a final decision is not expected until July, the city council selected a preliminary “preferred design” and site for the proposal at an April 10 study session, selecting 7625 Antelope Rd. as the best location to move city hall.

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Water District: Use Dropped by 27%, Conservation Working

Water District: Use Dropped by 27%, Conservation Working

The Citrus Heights Water District announced that its customers reduced water use by 27 percent in response to a Stage 3 water warning, according to an April water supply update by the District.

“CHWD thanks its customers for this outstanding conservation effort and asks everyone to keep up the good work,” read the April update, which also emphasized that customers are still asked to continue reducing water use by 20 percent. “Continuing to conserve water now can help extend our water supplies for the year ahead.”

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Council to Pick Site for New City Hall Proposal

Council to Pick Site for New City Hall Proposal

At a special meeting tonight, the Citrus Heights city council will decide on a location for the proposal to build a new city hall. “We encourage community involvement and hope you can attend this session of the City Council when the City Council discusses and selects the site for a proposed new City Hall,” read an email alert sent out […]

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CHPD Joins Crackdown on Texting while Driving

CHPD Joins Crackdown on Texting while Driving

“Zero tolerance” is what the Citrus Heights Police Dept. is promising, as it joins a month-long enforcement and education campaign to curb hand-held cellphone use while driving.

The campaign is part of April’s nationwide “Distracted Driving Awareness Month,” and seeks to emphasize that phone calls and texts aren’t worth the risk of getting into an accident and endangering ones self or others, according to a press release by CHPD.

The National Safety Council estimates that over 275,000 cellphone-involved crashes have occurred this year, and an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study found that drivers using their phones are four times more likely to get into an injury collision.

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