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City Manager Chris Boyd discusses objectives with other city leaders during a break-out small group session at an April 18 strategic planning meeting. // CH Sentinel

Citrus Heights leaders set 22 new objectives for next 6 months

Following an April strategic planning session where key city leaders discussed and set short-term plans to accomplish by November 1, the City of Citrus Heights recently published a list of 22 objectives on its website.

Objectives include DUI enforcement, filling 4,000-square-feet of potholes, holding several public workshops, and 19 other tasks to accomplish over the next half-year. A Traffic Safety Awareness Campaign is also listed as an…

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The Citrus Heights city council is seeking to fill a vacancy left by councilman Mel Turner, who passed away April 20. // Image credit: Sac Metro Cable 14

How will the vacancy on Citrus Heights’ city council be filled?

Following the recent death of Councilman Mel Turner, the five-member Citrus Heights city council is seeking to fill a vacancy among its ranks.

With three options at their legal discretion to select, the four current members of the council opted during an April 27 council meeting to appoint a new member within the next 60 days, rather than call for a special election, or leave the seat vacant until the next municipal election.

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Mel Turner, a sitting Citrus Heights councilman and former  mayor, passed away on April 20. // Image courtesy, City of Citrus Heights

Community voices: reflections on the life of Mel Turner

Following the death of Citrus Heights councilman and former mayor Mel Turner on April 20, many who knew him have offered reflections and statements about his life. He is remembered as a listener, a mentor, a friend, and a caring leader — as well as for his deep voice and beaming smile.

A compilation of recent statements from city leaders and community members is included below. Service arrangements have…

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Citrus Heights Councilman and former mayor Mel Turner, pictured during a December 2014 council meeting. // CH Sentinel

City leaders, community mourn passing of Citrus Heights Councilman Mel Turner

Citrus Heights Councilman Mel Turner, known for his warm leadership and deep voice, has died in office after battling pancreatic cancer for more than a year.

Following Turner’s passing on the morning of April 20, a ceremony was held at noon on Thursday in honor of the councilman, attended by more than 100 community members, staff, and city leaders.

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Citrus Heights launches new online program to ‘make pet licensing easy’

The City of Citrus Heights recently announced a new online pet licensing program aimed at increasing the number of licensed pets and decreasing animal shelter costs.

In a news release last month titled “Make Animal Licensing Easy,” the city said it had discontinued a licensing agreement with Sacramento County and launched its own pet licensing program in partnership with PetData, a Texas-based company that provides animal licensing services for municipalities and other agencies…

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At least six of the eight candidates running for Citrus Heights city council will participate in a forum at city hall on Sept. 19, 2016. // CH Sentinel

12 boards, committees you didn’t know Citrus Heights council members serve on

Elected members to the Citrus Heights city council are largely known for their role in setting policy and making decisions at the city level, but the five council members also play a role in shaping policy affecting the region.

In January, council members approved appointments for each member to serve on various boards, commissions, and subcommittees…

by · February 15, 2017 · City Hall
Citrus Heights Councilman Bret Daniels, file photo. // CH Sentinel

City council rejects Daniels’ appointee for Citrus Heights planning commission

Donald Trump isn’t the only one to face difficulty confirming his nominations. It’s happening locally on the Citrus Heights city council too.

In a rare move, Citrus Heights council members last week refused to confirm 25-year-resident James Remick for planning commissioner after he was nominated by newly elected Councilman Bret Daniels…

by · February 2, 2017 · City Hall
County Supervisor Sue Frost was elected in Nov. 2016 to represent District 4, which includes Citrus Heights.

Frost lays out agenda as new supervisor, seeks more community input

In her first news update as Sacramento County Supervisor, former Citrus Heights councilwoman Sue Frost laid out priorities and her plan to solicit more participation from residents.

“My priorities remain clear — we need to ensure strong public safety, fix our roads, encourage economic development, support veterans and tackle the growing homeless problem,” wrote Frost in a Jan. 25 news update sent to media. The newly…

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Council chambers in Citrus Heights were packed with a standing-room-only crowd Thursday night for the city's 20th birthday kick-off celebration. // CH Sentinel

Citrus Heights kicks off city’s 20th birthday with reception, review

Council chambers in Citrus Heights were packed with a standing-room-only crowd Thursday night for the city’s 20th anniversary kick-off celebration.

The evening began with a half-hour reception at city hall, complete with balloons, cake, and refreshments, followed by formal recognition of the city’s milestone anniversary during the regularly scheduled council meeting the same evening…

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Citrus Heights residents fill up bags with sand at a station located at city hall. // Courtesy, City of Citrus Heights

2017 Storm Prep: Citrus Heights offers free sandbags at two locations

Citrus Heights residents seeking to prepare for expected storms and flooding this season can grab a shovel and stock up on free sandbag supplies at two locations in the city.

Free sand and bags in the city are available for Citrus Heights residents only, and proof of residency is required before picking up bags from city hall’s main desk, according to the city’s website.

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