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Bret Daniels, pictured during a September candidate forum, won election to the city council on Nov. 8.

Bret Daniels’ election to city council called ‘a shocker’ by Citrus Heights leaders

Donald Trump’s victory was not the only surprise in Tuesday’s election. From “surprised” to “shocked,” Citrus Heights city council members and community leaders weighed in with their reaction to candidate Bret Daniels winning election to the council on Tuesday.

Daniels himself said he was surprised at his big win, having been outspent 3-to-1 by several other candidates and also having lost twice before in city council races in 2008 and 2012…

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Citrus Heights Vice Mayor Jeff Slowey, left, and former councilman Bret Daniels, right, both won election Tuesday night by a wide margin.

Slowey, Daniels win seats on Citrus Heights city council

Updated Nov. 9, 2:46 p.m.–
Vice Mayor Jeff Slowey and former councilman Bret Daniels both won election to the Citrus Heights city council Tuesday night, after receiving the top number of votes among a sea of eight candidates vying for two spots on the council.

As of the latest vote count totals published just after 1 a.m. Wednesday on the Sacramento County elections website, Slowey received 24.3 percent of the vote, followed by Daniels at 18.9 percent. Third and fourth place were held by

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City launches survey, seeks responses to help ‘brand’ Citrus Heights

City launches survey, seeks responses to help ‘brand’ Citrus Heights

A new in-depth survey was launched by the City last week as part of a research phase to develop a brand identity for Citrus Heights and make it “stand out in the marketplace.”

In a Nov. 3 news release, the City said it had partnered with North Star Destination Strategies to develop the survey. Questions asked include, “what motivated your decision to live in Citrus Heights,” and “What is Citrus Heights’ most under-appreciated asset/amenity?” A question toward the end asks, “If Citrus Heights were a famous person who would it be? Why?”

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Candidate signs for local elections in Citrus Heights dot a vacant patch of land across from Applebee's on Auburn Boulevard. // CH Sentinel

City council candidates make final push to reach Citrus Heights voters

On Nov. 8, a field of eight candidates running for Citrus Heights city council will be narrowed down to just two winners and candidates say they’re ramping up their campaigns during the final days with mailers, phone calls, door-to-door visits, and radio ad buys.

Based on past local elections, candidates will likely need to receive 8-10,000 votes in order to win — but this late in the game, many voters have already submitted their ballots by mail. Already, more than 5,500 voters have dropped off ballots at the Citrus Heights city hall as of Nov. 4, according to Sacramento County Registrar of Voters Jill LaVine, and many more have sent in their ballots by mail…

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Measure B is a half-cent sales tax proposal which seeks to pay for road improvements and Regional Transit projects. // Image courtesy, Regional Transit

Measure B: here’s where the Citrus Heights city council candidates stand

All eight Citrus Heights city council candidates were recently given an opportunity by The Sentinel to submit written statements on a variety of local issues, including Measure B. Seven of the eight candidates submitted statements by the Oct. 22 deadline, and their answers are provided below.

On Nov. 8, voters will pick two of the candidates to represent them on the five-member Citrus Heights city council. Each candidate was allowed up to a 100-word response per question, with two opposing Measure B and the remaining candidates expressing support for the measure.

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Candidates Rick Doyle, left, Marcel Weiland, and Jeff Slowey, right. // CH Sentinel

Campaign funding: who’s backing the top 3 candidates in Citrus Heights

Latest campaign finance disclosures filed on Oct. 27 show three candidates far outpacing the rest in the race for two seats on the Citrus Heights city council.

Reporting more than $17,000 in contributions, Vice Mayor Jeff Slowey maintained a significant lead over the other seven candidates, but Planning Commissioner Rick Doyle and financial tech director Marcel Weiland also reported receiving more than $10,000 in contributions — more than double what each of the remaining five candidates reported receiving…

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Candidate Tim Schaefer, right, sits next to Bret Daniels at a Sept. 19 election forum at city hall. // CH Sentinel

Schaefer, Daniels unite in opposition to Measure B & new city hall expense

In a pair of news releases sent out by each campaign Saturday night, city council candidates Bret Daniels and Tim Schaefer announced mutual endorsements of one another and said they are united in opposition to tax increases and the new city hall expenditure.

“Both Tim and I believe that the residents of Citrus Heights would have been better served with a more prudent approach to building the new City Hall,” said Daniels in his statement. Schaefer reiterated the point in his news release, arguing that the $21 million taken from the City’s reserves to build the new hall “will impede the City’s ability to fund infrastructure and road repairs for many years to come.”

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Porsche Middleton, businesswoman and 2016 candidate for Citrus Heights city council. // CH Sentinel

Porsche Middleton on the issues, in her own words

Porsche Middleton, 32, serves as a project manager at “A Project Ahead,” an engineering consulting company based in the Sacramento area. She moved to Citrus Heights from Alabama two years ago.

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Tim Schaefer, businessman and current 2016 Citrus Heights city council candidate. Photo submitted by candidate

Tim Schaefer on the issues, in his own words

Tim Schaefer, 55, is a sales engineer with Ellison Technologies and has also served in various leadership positions in local neighborhood associations. In 2014, he spearheaded a “Save City Hall” effort to oppose the plan to tear down and move the old city hall.

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Marcel Weiland, financial tech director and 2016 Citrus Heights city council candidate.

Marcel Weiland on the issues, in his own words

Marcel Weiland, 26, grew up in Citrus Heights, worked in the state capitol, and earned a degree in political science from Santa Clara University. He currently works as director of institutional alliances at Riskalyze, a financial tech company based in Auburn.

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