Several cars collided at the intersection of Greenback Lane and Sunrise Boulevard in Citrus Heights, Thursday night.

4-car collision blocks Sunrise/Greenback intersection

Updated Nov. 8, 7:59 a.m.–
A collision involving at least four cars at the intersection of Sunrise Boulevard and Greenback Lane blocked several lanes of traffic Thursday night, as about a dozen officers responded to the scene…

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Children pick out a personal pumpkin while visiting the Pumpkin Farm in Citrus Heights, Thursday.

Pumpkin Farm closes 40th season Friday; says 10,000 visited

With storm clouds looming overhead, Citrus Heights’ Pumpkin Farm closed out its month-long October season at noon Friday — after selling out of pumpkins and finishing a final school group tour, according to Leonard Shymoniak, who runs the Farm with three of his children…

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Cars pass by the newly completed Old Auburn Multi-Use Trail in Citrus Heights.

Old Auburn Rd boasts new $1.1M roadside trail

Designed to encourage more walkability in Citrus Heights, a new 4,100-foot trail has opened on Old Auburn Road just east of Fair Oaks Boulevard, featuring a wide, fully paved path for bikes, pedestrians and mobility scooters…

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Citrus Heights residents Kathleen Ring and daughter Randi sign a plastic bag petition outside Walmart, Thursday.

Controversial plastic bag ban stirs up local Walmart shoppers

Updated Oct. 24, 11:20 a.m. —
Drawing signatures of support as well as angry remarks, a paid petition-gatherer set up outside the Citrus Heights Walmart for several hours Thursday, hoping to gather signatures for an effort to overturn a recently passed law that would ban stores from offering plastic bags beginning July 1, 2015 — if opponents don’t gather enough signatures to put the issue before voters on the ballot.

“I need these plastic bags,” said Kathleen Ring as she walked out of Walmart with a cart full of items bagged in plastic. “What else are you gonna pick up dog crap with?”

Others like shopper Tricia Wallen didn’t hold the same view, muttering “I’m not signing it — I want em gone,” as she passed by the petition table…

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Volvo Crashes Through Front of Safeway on Greenback

Volvo Crashes Through Front of Safeway on Greenback

Citrus Heights’ Safeway received an unwanted cosmetic adjustment over the weekend when a driver rammed his older-model Volvo into the front of the building, damaging a large pillar and part of the front wall…

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30-year-old Andrew Carpenter assesses potential damage done from a large oak tree that fell in front of his house over the weekend.

Large tree uproots overnight, falls on power line, misses car

Citrus Heights resident Andrew Carpenter came home from celebrating his 30th birthday in Lake Tahoe over the weekend to find a large oak tree uprooted in his front yard — partially blocking the road and resting right where his car is usually parked.

“If it would’ve fallen the other way, that would have been a disaster,” said Andrew Carpenter, who said the only damage to property was a scuff on his mailbox, despite the tree being rooted just five feet from his house and landing on a power line. “It’s a miracle that it didn’t hurt anything.”

Neighbors said they heard a crash around 1 a.m. on Saturday morning, but with no wind or rain that night, they were surprised to find the tree completely blocking their only exit path on Phoenix Lane, near Old Auburn Boulevard.

“I thought something fell on my house ’cause the house shook,” said neighbor Gary McDonald…

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Benefit for war-torn Ukraine held in Citrus Heights

Benefit for war-torn Ukraine held in Citrus Heights

The Citrus Heights Community Center was filled with Ukrainian orchestra music, prayers and presentations Thursday night, as churches, business owners and political leaders joined together to support the relief effort for those caught in war-torn Ukraine.

“We are Christian people, and our faith must be shown by acts of love,” said organizer Stephan Skots, of the Citrus Heights-based Ukraine Relief group who put on the event. “We live in America, and we have learned from our American brothers and sisters to help others.”

Showing the mixed heritage of many of the participants, the evening began with the national anthems of both America and Ukraine, before progressing somewhat like a church service, with opening and closing prayers, scripture references peppering speeches, and a call for donations…

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Photo credit: Sarah/mira66 via Flickr Creative Commons

WATER: Citrus Heights usage drops 21%, State lags behind

As California’s drought continues, the Citrus Heights Water District says its customers cut back water use by an average of 21.2 percent during the first eight months of 2014 – exceeding Governor Jerry Brown’s call for a 20 percent reduction at the beginning of the year.

Ranking among the highest water savers across the state, CHWD users consistently beat statewide averages, which have only been in the single digits until finally hitting an 11 percent reduction in August, according to data released by the State Water Resources Board in October.

State numbers show CHWD reporting a savings of over 1.45 million gallons of water in August alone, and District Assistant General Manager Darlene Gillum said the total 2014 reduction amounts to a savings of about 36 gallons per capita per day for local users, compared to water use in 2013.

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SATURDAY: Final Free Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off

SATURDAY: Final Free Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off

This Saturday, Citrus Heights residents will have a final free opportunity to dispose of hazardous items like paint, cleaning supplies, vehicle batteries and fluorescent light bulbs, at the last of three Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off events held in the city this year.

Sponsored by Republic Services and the City, the drop-off is open to any Citrus Heights resident, as long as proof of residency – like a recent bill – is provided.

The first event of 2014 was held in February, followed by a drop-off in June, with the third and final drop-off date being scheduled for October 18, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the parking lot behind Women’s Macy’s at Sunrise Mall.

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A new traffic light project is expected to begin at the Sunrise Boulevard and Sungarden Drive intersection.

City gives ‘green light’ for addt’l $2M stoplight on Sunrise Blvd

A new multimillion-dollar traffic light project on Sunrise Boulevard received the go-ahead from the Citrus Heights city council last month, with work scheduled to begin in November, according to General Services Director David Wheaton…

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