San Juan High School in Citrus Heights, located at 7551 Greenback Ln. // CH Sentinel

Police arrest student for bringing loaded gun, drugs to San Juan High School

Citrus Heights police said a 16-year-old student was arrested at San Juan High School on Wednesday after officers found a loaded handgun and marijuana in his backpack.

In a news release issued Thursday morning, police said an anonymous tip about the student possibly being in possession of a weapon led school resource officers to locate the student and search his backpack, yielding a handgun and “suspected marijuana packaged for sale.” Police said the student is a Citrus Heights resident but did not release his name or picture due to his age…

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An excavator finishes demolition work on the first building to go at the old Sylvan Middle School in Citrus Heights on Feb. 7, 2017. // CH Sentinel

Demolition of old Sylvan Middle School underway; what’s next?

Demolition of all buildings at the old Sylvan Middle School in Citrus Heights is now underway, with the first building leveled to the ground on Monday.

The $713,000 demolition contract was awarded by the San Juan Unified School District to Sacramento-based Parc Specialty Contractors on Jan. 10. The move comes several years after a controversial 2014 school board decision to close the aging Sylvan school…

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Construction progress at the new Sylvan Middle School campus is shown in this screenshot from a timelapse video available online. Credit: Clark/Sullivan Construction

Sylvan Middle School upgrades to finish by August 2016

After beginning construction last year, things are starting to visibly take shape at the new Sylvan Middle School, with those passing by on Auburn Boulevard now able to see frames in place for several new buildings.

The construction project underway converts the old Citrus Heights Elementary campus into a new campus for Sylvan Middle School, following a controversial…

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An architectural 3D rendering video shows an inside look at what a newly renovated Sylvan Middle School will look like at its new location. Image courtesy, YouTube, Lionakis

VIDEO: 3D tour of new Sylvan Middle School campus

A 3D video published on the San Juan Unified School District’s Youtube page reveals a sneak peak at what a modernized-and-expanded Sylvan Middle School will look like at its new location on the former Citrus Heights Elementary school campus, following last year’s board decision to close existing Sylvan facilities rather than rebuild the aging campus.

The video highlights interior and exterior architectural renderings of a new library addition, an updated administration building, before-and-after views of renovated classrooms, and a new art lab, locker building, science and music classrooms, and outdoor dining area.

The modernization project is estimated to cost $18.25 million, according to figures presented during San Juan Unified School District’s November 18 board decision, with the site expected to open…

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Board decides final fate of Sylvan Middle School

Board decides final fate of Sylvan Middle School

Updated Nov. 19, 7:29 a.m.–
In a 4-0 vote Tuesday night, San Juan Unified School District board members made the controversial decision to move students from Sylvan Middle School over to the adjacent Citrus Heights Elementary campus in 2016, rejecting an alternative proposal to rebuild the aging school for an estimated cost of $44 million…

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Stock photo, Citrus Heights Sentinel.

Close race: Miller now trails McKibbin by 839 votes in SJUSD election

Updated Nov. 12, 4:12 p.m.–
Latest numbers released around 4 p.m. today showed McKibbin’s lead gaining by several hundred more votes, with a total of 839 votes ahead — beating Miller by a slim margin of less than 1 percent of the votes cast in the race…

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TUES NIGHT: Sup’t to recommend school board close, move Sylvan

TUES NIGHT: Sup’t to recommend school board close, move Sylvan

Superintendent Kent Kern Tuesday night will recommend San Juan Unified School District board members approve a controversial proposal to shift Citrus Heights Elementary students to Carriage Drive Elementary, and move Sylvan Middle School students over to an $18.2 million modernized Citrus Heights Elementary campus, saying it’s a cost-efficient way to handle problems with Sylvan’s deteriorating building and declining enrollment.

Rejecting a popular proposal from vocal parents who advocate rebuilding the 76-year-old Sylvan school, Kern’s closure-and-consolidation recommendation would cost $10-20 million less than the $44 million estimated to rebuild the school — or the $30.8 million now estimated to “fix” it, according to recommendation documents included in the Board’s October 28 agenda packet.

Kern’s closure recommendation also highlights declining enrollment figures which show Citrus Heights schools are only utilizing 63 percent of their enrollment capacity, indicating while 2016-17 projected K-8 enrollment is 5,085 students, there’s unused capacity for over 3,000 more pupils.

Upset parents have vowed to show up in numbers at Tuesday’s meeting…

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Signs nearby Sylvan Middle School in Citrus Heights advocates for rebuilding the school, rather than moving or repairing it.

Parents Pack Out Sylvan Middle School Forum

A Wednesday-night community forum to discuss the future of Sylvan Middle School drew a room full of concerned parents and residents, wanting to make their voice heard regarding proposals to move or rebuild the school.

The meeting was the latest step taken by the San Juan Unified School District to find a solution to address the 76-year-old school’s aging facilities. Following an overall “D-” grade from a DLR Group facility assessment commissioned by the San Juan Unified School District in 2013, consideration of closing the school was discussed, and a community brainstorming meeting was held on April 23, with five ideas being currently floated as potential solutions.

Ideas include fixing Sylvan Middle School, rebuilding it, moving it to new facilities at Mesa Verde High School, or moving it to the campus of either Carriage Drive Elementary or Citrus Heights Elementary. A detailed description of each idea can be viewed at the District’s website.

Cost estimates for the five proposed solutions run as high as $44 million to rebuild the school, while a move to either of the elementary schools would run about $17 million, according to District officials.

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A sign posted near Sylvan Middle School invites residents to the community forum on Wednesday night.

Wednesday: Sylvan Middle School Community Forum

A community forum to discuss options for addressing aging facilities at Sylvan Middle School in Citrus Heights will be hosted by the San Juan Unified School District at 6:30 p.m Wednesday.

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Community Discussion on Future of Sylvan School

Community Discussion on Future of Sylvan School

In light of a potential closure of Sylvan Middle School, those interested in the future of school facilities in Citrus Heights are being invited by the San Juan Unified School District to a community discussion tonight.

Consideration of a proposal to close the school came after a recent facilities assessment report gave the school an overall grade of “D-,” despite several million dollars in upgrades having been allocated to the school from bond measures in the past decade.

Citing issues with the exterior, interior, electrical, and ADA compliance, DLR Group’s assessment estimated that a modernization project of the school would run $18.4 million, while a complete replacement of the 57,600 square foot facility would run about $6 million more.

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