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Guest Opinion: This won’t be the last storm.

By Supervisor Sue Frost-- “I'll be right back,” Chuck Noland told his wife in the movie Cast Away. But then a storm stranded him on...

Guest Opinion: What’s with the virgin birth and Christmas?

By Michael Bullington-- As the City of Citrus Heights slows its engines of commerce, the hustle and bustle of government and the rush of everyday life, what better time to reflect on the reason for the season?

Guest Opinion: What you should know about the Sac County jail vote

By Supervisor Sue Frost-- You may have seen some news recently about a controversial vote at the Board of Supervisors involving a debate between releasing more inmates and expanding the current jail facility which serves all municipalities in Sacramento County like Citrus Heights.  

Guest Opinion: If you don’t vote, don’t blame political leaders

By David Warren-- Day after day we are bombarded by individuals yelling from the airways and electronic media distressing messages using vicious rhetoric instead of civil discourse. The tools used by propagandists for dictators are suddenly becoming popular.

Guest Opinion: Here’s why the roads don’t get fixed

By Sue Frost-- As I come to the close of my sixth year on the Board of Supervisors, I have seen many issues fall and rise in terms of importance for the residents of Sacramento County. For example...

Guest Opinion: Imposing fines for shopping cart theft will be futile

By David Warren-- The Citrus Heights City Council is considering an ordinance to institute fines and misdemeanor penalties for individuals who remove shopping carts from business premises as well as civil penalties for businesses whose shopping carts are found abandoned on the streets.

Guest Opinion: Do voters have short memory? Some candidates are counting on it.

By Tim Schaefer-- As I watched the Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce Candidates Forum last month, City Council Candidate Mary Jane Lopez-Taff brought up the Citrus Heights Police Department budget cuts that were included in the 2021/22 budget that was passed by a 3-2 vote.

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