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Barrier fence, pedestrians, Citrus heights

Community voices: readers react to plan for new barrier fence at Auburn/Greenback

Plans to install new barrier fencing to reduce pedestrian-involved collisions near Auburn Boulevard and Greenback Lane drew mixed responses from readers over the past week. Here’s what readers have been saying in letters to the editor and on Facebook:

Barrier fences look bad and lessen visibility for drivers–
Please, just don’t install new barrier fencing. The barriers installed near Mariposa Avenue and Greenback Lane create a hazard for drivers who simply cannot see oncoming traffic when using the turn lanes that don’t have stop lights.

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Polling place

Supervisor Frost: cutting Citrus Heights polling locations was a bad idea

On June 6, Sacramento County voted to fundamentally change the way we vote in all of our future elections. Previously, you had the choice to either mail in an absentee ballot, or to go physically vote at one of the 58 Citrus Heights polling locations. Now, the number of Citrus Heights polling locations will be dramatically cut down to likely only 4 or 5 locations. You can physically go in and vote several days before Election Day, but everyone will be mailed an absentee ballot whether you want it or not.

I was the sole vote against this change, so I want to take the opportunity to explain why…

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Sue Frost, supervisor

Guest Opinion: new gas tax won’t fix most local roads in Citrus Heights, county

A few months ago I wrote an article for the Citrus Heights Sentinel to discuss my opposition to the “gas tax” that was working its way through the California Legislature. Predictably, that bill was signed into law shortly after my article was released, and since its passage, I have had more questions about the details of how this new law will impact Sacramento County than any other topic. So I want to take this opportunity to give you a status update and to dispel some misconceptions people may have…

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Sylvan Cemetery

Guest Column: Sylvan Cemetery is running out of room, but there is a solution

Guest opinion column by Jim Monteton–
From 1862 to 1974, land was donated by different families to provide for a cemetery in Sylvan – later called Citrus Heights. The property has grown from half an acre to over 19 acres.

By 1926 the county had changed the ‘Cemetery’ into the Sylvan Cemetery District, one of three Independent Special Districts in Sacramento County. Each special district is responsible for its management and operation, governed by a Board of Trustee that are appointed by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors…

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Sue Frost, supervisor

Supervisor Frost: ‘Sanctuary’ Citrus Heights?

Guest opinion column by County Supervisor Sue Frost–
The California State legislature may soon make California the first “Sanctuary State” in the Nation. I want to take a moment to explain what this means for Sacramento County, and how it impacts Citrus Heights residents.

To become a “Sanctuary State,” California will have to violate Federal information laws and limit cooperation with the Federal Government in order to help individuals who are illegally in the country avoid deportation.

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Sue Frost, supervisor

Supervisor Frost: Do we really need another transportation tax?

Guest opinion by County Supervisor Sue Frost–
Soon after I got sworn into office, I issued a survey to our community to help me evaluate and improve our services based on what you want to see. The survey is now closed, and with over 2,500 total responses and 300 responses from Citrus Heights alone, conclusions based on the data can now be made.

To me, the most important question on the survey was the question relating to budget priorities. In Citrus Heights, as well as every other community within my district, the number two priority is transportation/roads…

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Sue Frost, supervisor

Supervisor Frost: no ‘quick fix’ to homelessness in Citrus Heights

By County Supervisor Sue Frost–
Recently I issued a survey to our community to help me evaluate and improve our services based on what you want to see. Although the survey is still open, with over 200 responses coming in from Citrus Heights alone, we can begin to make some meaningful conclusions based on the data.

For example, in a ranking of how residents feel budget priorities should be ordered, homelessness ranks third in Citrus Heights, with only law enforcement and transportation/roads being ranked higher. Clearly this issue is of high importance in Citrus Heights…

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