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Guest Opinion: Expanding Prop 13 would help local housing market

Guest opinion column by County Supervisor Sue Frost– The last board meeting of the year has come and gone, and I have officially completed my first year as your County Supervisor. During the year I made it a point to write an opinion piece every month – some of them were to explain how and why I voted the way I did, some were to explain my stance on a controversial issue, and some were to simply bring to your attention an important topic that impacts Citrus Heights residents.

Guest Column: Fact-checking the Christmas story

Guest column submitted by Michael Bullington– Perhaps you read in last week’s Sentinel about the seven must see Christmas displays in Citrus Heights. Yes, our wee city, playing Bethlehem to Sacramento’s Jerusalem, is filled with wonderfully lit displays celebrating the season.

Guest Column: Scrooge, diversity, poverty, and bounty in Citrus Heights

Guest opinion column submitted by David Warren– My past columns intended to stimulate discussion on municipal government issues, even if disagreeable or uncomfortable. And I am grateful that in Citrus Heights we are, without fear of reprisal, able to suggest a better resolution of municipal issues, which then provides those that disagree the opportunity to propose an opposite view hopefully with the result of a best, not always “correct,” solution...

Supervisor Frost: 3 reasons why I support body cameras

Guest opinion column by County Supervisor Sue Frost– It is a difficult time to be a police officer in the United States. While it may or may not be fair, incidents across the country have left many people feeling deeply negative towards how officers handle difficult situations. In response, many departments are equipping their officers with body cameras. I bring this up because it was recently announced that the Sacramento County Sheriff will soon be conducting research to identify possible vendors to supply the department with body cameras for officers to wear. In a day and age where transparency, accountability, and building trust are more important than ever for departments across the country, I applaud our Sheriff for seriously looking at implementing this emerging technology. I have three main reasons for supporting body cameras...

Guest Column: Thanksgiving, how did it all begin?

Guest column submitted by Michael Bullington-- I'm going to guess that most of us in Citrus Heights will be celebrating Thanksgiving this Thursday. But where did this tradition come from?

Guest Opinion: proposed Citrus Heights housing has flood, fire risk

Guest opinion submitted by Norman Hill-- When I saw the latest map of Watt Communities' proposed 261-home development off Arcadia Drive in Citrus Heights, immediately two major concerns for public safety came to mind. I believe the city should take advantage of the early stage of this development to require two changes to address the public safety challenges...

Guest Opinion: What if your son or daughter became homeless?

Guest opinion column submitted by David Warren– "Then the Lord said to Cain, 'Where is Abel your brother?' And he said, 'I do not know. Am I my brother's keeper?" - Genesis 4:9. At a recent city council meeting in Citrus Heights, an articulate community member speaking on behalf of a number of mothers expressed concern about the homeless in our community, especially in Rusch Community Park. The speaker spoke about being accosted by aggressive individuals asking for money, drug paraphernalia as a hazard in the parks, along with the homeless sitting and sleeping in public spaces with an unclean and bad smelling appearance...

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