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Guest Column: Two historic events to remember this Veterans Day

Guest column by Citrus Heights resident Michael Bullington-- One hundred years ago, two events took place that would shape the history of our world in an indelible way. One was a belated blessing; the other was an imminent evil. On April 6, 1917, the United States declared war on Germany, to the relief of beleaguered English and French troops that had been battling the Kaiser’s forces since the summer of 1914. On the other side of the Continent, in October 1917, the Bolsheviks toppled the Tsarist government in Russia, paving the way for a political philosophy that would suffocate countries around the world even until the present day. America’s army had been smaller than either those of the Greeks or the Bulgarians, and we were therefore not viewed as an immediate threat to Germany’s imperial designs. Sensing a short window of time before we built up enough to take the field, the Germans hurried their troops from the East to the Western Front to expedite the capture of Paris, generally considered the key to winning the war...

Supervisor Frost: Here’s a hidden reason why homelessness is exploding

Homelessness is on the rise in Sacramento County. The issue is evident just by keeping your eyes peeled while taking a short drive in any direction. Not to mention it being constantly talked about in public meetings, newspapers, radio, and the dinner table.

Guest Opinion: Citrus Heights mayor should apologize for ‘kneeling’ remark

Guest opinion column submitted by David Warren-- At the Sept. 28 Citrus Heights City Council meeting, the Cub Scouts presented and posted the colors, followed by leading the Salute to the Flag. As the audience took their seats, Mayor Jeff Slowey said “thank you for nobody in the audience taking a knee,” a derogatory reference to athletes who for some demonstrated their concern about social issues or in response to statements made by the President of the United States. Regretfully, no member of the city council criticized the inappropriate statement...

Community Voices: local crime, new stadium, new hotel needed?

Latest letters and reader comments address concerns about Prop 47 and crime, as well as the Citrus Heights city council's recent approval of a $300,000 grant to purchase a 2,500 seat pop-up stadium at Sunrise Mall. Prop 47 has increased crime and should be repealed-- [RE: Guest Opinion: Prop 47 has reduced crime and made Citrus Heights safer; Sept. 30] I respectfully disagree with Mr. Warren. I have lived in Citrus Heights for over 20 years. I have seen the change in this community after the passage of the propositions and it hasn't been good. As a matter of fact, at one time I seriously considered moving from Citrus Heights because of the increase in crime and increase in visible homeless and drug use in my neighborhood. Instead of moving, I began calling the police every time I saw something. I'm sure they got very tired of hearing from me. I began to be aware of many other residents calling in. Over the last year or so, it has gotten better, but is still a problem...

Guest Opinion: Prop 47 has reduced crime and made Citrus Heights safer

Guest opinion column submitted by David Warren-- Recent comments by Citrus Heights Police Department representatives assert that legislation adopted to divert nonviolent offenders to local supervision has increased the crime rate. That legislation includes Prop 36, which allows habituated individuals to obtain treatment instead of being incarcerated; Prop 57, which provided for parole of numerous inmates under local probation department supervision; and Prop 47, which returned crimes to misdemeanors that had become felonies because of economic inflation...

Supervisor Frost: County should prioritize funding cops and roads

Last month, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors adopted our final budget for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. This was the first county budget that I have participated in, so I wanted to share with you my thoughts. In short, I am pleased that we were able to fund so many vital programs and departments, but remain fearful that we lack the long-term vision for how to make us more fiscally responsible. I believe we can improve our fiscal health by using a three-tiered approach.

Supervisor Frost: ‘free money doesn’t exist’ to solve homelessness

If someone were to offer to give you a modest down payment on a car that you otherwise couldn’t afford, but left you the burden of paying expensive monthly loan payments, repairs, insurance, registration, gas, and all other ongoing expenses, would you consider that car to be “free?” I wouldn’t, and I suspect most readers of the Citrus Heights Sentinel wouldn’t either, because you would now be obligated to pay for something that you cannot afford. Yet that is exactly what a recent...

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