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Guest Opinion: Get masks out of classrooms

By Supervisor Sue Frost-- On the heels of a new statewide mask mandate and the continued declaration of a COVID-19 state of emergency, it feels necessary to once again advocate for a population left seemingly voiceless throughout this saga.

Guest Column: Holiday discussions you shouldn’t avoid

Guest column by Beth Moran-- Holidays and happy thoughts go hand-in-hand, but when it comes to advance planning for family members, some conversations are downright avoided...

Guest Opinion: Should Sacramento County ban flavored tobacco?

By Sue Frost-- In October, two of my colleagues on the Board of Supervisors announced that they are bringing forward an item to our agenda...

Realtor’s Column: How were October home sales in Citrus Heights? Not too scary

By Beth Moran-- Now that the eviction moratorium has expired, how has that impacted home sales in our area?

Guest Opinion: Counties deserve right to veto placement of sexually violent predators

By Supervisor Sue Frost-- The rush to release prisoners from our jails and prisons was initially a response to court orders to reduce prison overcrowding, but lately it’s become a radical effort to recast criminals as victims and abandoning actual victims and their families. Now we are facing the placement of sexually violent predators (SVPs) that some bureaucrats decided are fit to rejoin society.

Guest Column: Hotel tax is providing valuable funding to local nonprofits

By Sue Frost-- One of my favorite things to do as a County Supervisor is support local organizations that give back to the community. Nonprofit organizations fill gaps left by government, providing services and supporting cultural growth in a way that is more personal and more direct.

Real Estate Q&A: Did I miss my opportunity?

Guest column by Beth Moran-- As a local Realtor people ask me about the market all the time, and the most prominent question recently asked, particularly by sellers, is if their window has closed?

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