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Guest Opinion: District-based voting isn’t the answer for Citrus Heights

Guest opinion submitted by David Warren–
For several years, Scott Johnson, owner of Disabled Access Prevents Injury Inc., filed thousands of Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) lawsuits across Northern California for what experts say is millions of dollars in settlements and attorney fees over purported failures to make ADA repairs on short notice. The ADA is not a weapon to be used to extort money as Johnson did…

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Sue Frost, supervisor

Supervisor Frost: My thoughts on the inspector general controversy

Guest opinion column by County Supervisor Sue Frost–
In August, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors were thrust into the local media spotlight after Sheriff Scott Jones lost faith in the inspector general (an independent contractor retained by the County) and terminated his access to the Sheriff’s Department. Since then, the Board of Supervisors have held meetings to discuss how to move forward, with the issue finally finding a resolution during a Dec. 4 meeting.

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Guest Opinion: city shouldn’t live on a credit card to be paid by future residents

Last month, the City Council approved a contract to obtain a $12 million line of credit, i.e., a loan, secured by the Citrus Heights Community Center if the city defaults. For years, the City Council’s mantra was the city has no debt and pays cash as you go for all purchases and operating expense, knowing from the date of incorporation the city’s financial reserves would likely be so depleted that the city would require a loan to maintain operations…

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Gilberto's Tacos, Citrus Heights

Review: Gilberto’s Tacos offers large portions, friendly service in Citrus Heights

Food review submitted by guest columnist Doreen Brown–
When my friend from Colorado came into town, she told me she didn’t like to eat at big box type restaurants, you know, like you can find in any city, so, I took her to Gilberto’s Tacos at 7150 Auburn Blvd. And for those of us that can remember, it’s across the street from where the old Sylvan Middle School, used to be…

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