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Guest Opinion: SB 1464 is a horrible bill to make police enforce health orders

By Sue Frost-- With the legislature back in session, legislation has recently been introduced that compounds the progressive pillars of excessive mandates and defunding police. Below, I would like to explain what this bill is, and why I believe it is a horrible idea.

Guest Opinion: Sanctioned homeless camps are best option, for now

By Supervisor Sue Frost-- We are all aware that the county’s homeless population has been growing and we can see the impacts every time we leave our houses.

Guest Opinion: Mask mandates and a pattern of inconsistency

By Supervisor Sue Frost-- It may be hard to realize this, but we are already well into 2022. I say this because I find myself reading headlines that make me feel like I am still living in late 2020.

Guest Column: Citrus Heights home prices show early signs of rising more in 2022

By Beth Moran-- Housing prices in Citrus Heights are off to the race as indicated by the average price of homes listed since Jan. 1,...

Guest Opinion: Sacramento County cannot afford another lockdown

Guest opinion by County Supervisor Sue Frost-- With the rise in COVID cases across the world as a result of the omicron variant, local jurisdictions...

Guest Opinion: A public ‘thank you’ to Texas Roadhouse in Citrus Heights

By Paul Reyes-- Hello Citrus Heights! My name is Paul Reyes and I am a member of the American Legion here in Citrus Heights.

Guest Opinion: Get masks out of classrooms

By Supervisor Sue Frost-- On the heels of a new statewide mask mandate and the continued declaration of a COVID-19 state of emergency, it feels necessary to once again advocate for a population left seemingly voiceless throughout this saga.

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