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Sue Frost, supervisor

Supervisor Frost: How we’re cracking down on repeat offenders

Guest opinion column by County Supervisor Sue Frost–
In 2014 California passed Proposition 47, which reduced the classification of many nonviolent property and drug crimes from a felony to a misdemeanor. This policy resulted in a surge of automobile and petty theft crimes throughout the state of California, and the effect of this was seen in businesses and on the streets of Sacramento County almost immediately.

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Citrus Heights

Guest Opinion: Citrus Heights shouldn’t punish reputable rental owners with more fees

Guest opinion column submitted by Martin Gravenstein–
I am writing as a rental property owner of 8 single-family properties, which are all in Sacramento County and 7 of which are in the City of Citrus Heights. I am concerned with the City of Citrus Heights council agenda item for the Aug. 7 meeting with the subject “Rental Housing Inspection Unit.” I was only…

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Guest Opinion: Three Citrus Heights council members got it wrong

Guest opinion submitted by David Warren–
The primary safeguard of a democracy is the requirement that officials act only under the light of public scrutiny, and the Brown Act requires placing all matters for which action is taken by the City Council on a meeting agenda with adequate notice to the public to allow community members to attend and voice their support or opposition to any action under consideration.

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