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Letters to the Editor

More letters: autism center, ARCO opposition, new WinCo at old Sylvan?

Latest letters-to-the-editor include more comments from readers about potential new uses for the old Sylvan Middle School property and opposition to the proposed new ARCO gas station on Sunrise Boulevard. Old Sylvan would be good spot for new WinCo Foods-- (RE: Demolition of old Sylvan Middle School underway; what’s next?) I think they should build a Winco Foods at the old Sylvan Middle School site. There's a small WinCo in Orangevale and...

Letters: ARCO proposal, plastic bags, new Citrus Heights sports complex?

Latest letters-to-the-editor include comments from readers about potential new uses for the old Sylvan Middle School property, the proposed new ARCO gas station, and confusion over the plastic bag ban. Citrus Heights needs a sports complex, water park-- (RE: Demolition of old Sylvan Middle School underway; what’s next?) As a life time resident in Citrus Heights I would love to see a sports complex build in the area, specifically to replace the old Sylvan Middle school. There are a large amount of competitive sports teams that are limited to sports complexs in this particular area for tournaments...

Letters: Measure B, crime, roads (Oct. 30, 2016)

This week’s letters include comments from readers on crime in Citrus Heights, local candidates, Measure B, taxes and roads.

Letters: red light cameras, elections, homeless shelters, Henry Tingle

This week's letters include comments from residents on homeless shelters, Henry Tingle's retirement as city manager, local elections, and red light cameras in Citrus Heights. Citrus Heights should offer homeless shelter, resources-- (RE: Letters, Oct. 2) I would like to add my take on the homelessness in our city. Citrus Heights doesn't have any resources for these people to get and use. Of course, they can travel down to Loaves and Fishes for these things, but this does not work for two reasons...

Letters: homelessness, elections, crime, safety

The Sentinel recently began accepting letter-to-the-editor submissions to encourage community dialogue and give our readers a chance to make their voice heard on current local issues. Here's the first batch of letters received from residents, weighing in on homelessness, local elections, crime, and safety in Citrus Heights. Local candidates should focus on solving homeless problem in Citrus Heights-- Let's not bury our heads in the sand, the homeless population is a huge issue in Citrus Heights! As I read through the candidate statements for City Council I'm shocked at some of the candidates lack of understanding, or willingness to admit, the homeless problem we have in our city. Some don't mention it all and...

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