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Republican Leadership Development Workshop

Candidates must start filing for office in September of this year due to the early March 2020 Primary. If you’d like to learn how to run or be appointed to public office, to volunteer for a campaign and generally to step up your involvement in the political arena, this workshop[Read More…]

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Citrus Heights City Council approves first-ever $12M line of credit

Updated 7:23 a.m., Nov. 18–
Sentinel staff report–  Citrus Heights City Council members on Thursday night unanimously voted to approve a $12 million revolving line of credit, making it the first time the city has ever authorized incurring debt in its 21-year history.

City Manager Christopher Boyd, who in 2016 assured that the city would “never go into debt,” said access to the new line of credit will put the city in a position “to invest in our community for return” and also allow “a nimble and flexible way” to get by until the city receives a long-anticipated boost from property tax revenue in four years. Assistant City Manager Ronda Rivera said the funds will be drawn on for both “unanticipated operating or known operating deficits that we have and capital needs as they come up.”

According to a 10-year projection presented to the council, without the line of credit, the city’s current reserves of $5.3 million were projected to dwindle to about $350,000 by fiscal year 2021-22, before increasing to more than $4 million beginning the following fiscal year when the city begins receiving its property tax revenue. An updated projection, accounting for the line of credit being used, showed reserves only dropping to $2.9 million before rising to almost $5 million the following year.

The city’s share of property taxes is currently about $5.6 million, but..

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Vote results, Citrus Heights City Council 2018

Bruins, Miller and Middleton lead in Citrus Heights City Council election

Sentinel staff report–
Early election results show Vice Mayor Jeannie Bruins with a strong lead in the race for Citrus Heights City Council, followed by Mayor Steve Miller in second place and Planning Commissioner Porsche Middleton in third. As of late Tuesday night, about 500 votes separated Middleton from appointed incumbent Albert Fox, who was in fourth place.

Fox’s campaign manager, Frank Ford, told The Sentinel the race was too close to call, as of 12:30 a.m. Wednesday. Additional results are slated to be released by Sacramento County elections later this week as more ballots are counted.

Countywide, the Sacramento County Registrar of Voters Office reported that 171,994 ballots had been counted as of 11:50 p.m. on Tuesday, with a total of 764,998 registered voters in the County.

Bruins, who sought her fifth term on the City Council, claimed victory Tuesday night, telling The Sentinel she was…

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Citrus Heights City Council election

Election 2018: Money continues to flow in race for Citrus Heights City Council

Sentinel staff report–
Latest campaign finance disclosures filed on Oct. 27 show an unprecedented amount of cash is being spent in the race for three seats on the Citrus Heights City Council this year.

The latest financial filings cover a reporting period of Sept. 23 through Oct. 22 and show newcomers in the race continue to outspend long-seated incumbents Mayor Steve Miller and Vice Mayor Jeannie Bruins, who are both up for re-election this year along with Councilman Al Fox, who was appointed to fill a vacancy on the council last year.

Porsche Middleton, a Planning Commissioner seeking a seat on the City Council this year, continues to top the list for most contributions received, reporting an additional $7,000 received in the latest reporting period — bringing her total contributions for the year to just over $48,000. Her latest contributions came largely from the California Apartment Association PAC, the Northern California Carpenters Regional Council, and the Sacramento County Democratic Central Committee, each of whom gave $1,000 or more to her campaign. Her total expenditures are listed at about $45,000, with latest large expenses listed as $1,600 to Clear Channel Outdoor, Inc., likely for several large billboards her campaign has taken out in the city, and another $1,700 to GoDaddy for web-related services.

By comparison, at this time in the race for City Council two years ago, two of the…

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campaign funding, citrus heights city council election

Who’s funding each of the Citrus Heights City Council candidates?

Sentinel staff report–
Big money is pouring into the Citrus Heights City Council race this year, with amounts already topping the usual $10-20,000 raised by candidates in order to win local election.

According to the latest campaign finance filings, Porsche Middleton’s campaign has by far out-raised and out-spent all other campaigns, reporting total contributions for the year at $41,139 and expenditures at $39,768. Treston Shull came in second for fundraising with a total of $25,000, followed by appointed incumbent Al Fox, and incumbents Vice Mayor Jeannie Bruins and Mayor Steve Miller. The mayor is the only candidate to report less than $10,000 in donations for the year.

So who’s funding the candidates?

Middleton’s top donor is the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California PAC, which donated $5,000 to her campaign and is known for vocally supporting the recent gas tax increase — something Middleton also said she supports as a way to fund backlogged road repairs. She also reported a non-monetary contribution of $7,000 from The Blocs, which…

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city hall, Citrus Heights

See where Citrus Heights City Council candidates stand on local issues

Sentinel staff report–
The five residents running for three seats on the Citrus Heights City Council have varying views when it comes to homelessness, mandatory rental inspections, rent control, red light cameras, under-performing schools, economic development, and whether the new gas tax is a good way to fund local road repairs.

In responses to a nine-question survey sent out by The Sentinel, candidates offered their position on each issue in 100 words or less, giving voters an opportunity to see where each candidate stands on issues affecting Citrus Heights.

A question about Proposition 6, which seeks to repeal the new gas tax as a way to fund transportation-related projects and local road repairs, was among the questions drawing varied responses. Candidate Porsche Middleton, who currently serves as a City Planning Commissioner, was the only candidate to state clear opposition to Prop 6, while others either expressed support for the repeal effort or did not provide a clear answer. Middleton was also the only candidate to state clear opposition to the city’s red light camera program.

Asked about rent control…

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Citrus Heights City Council Candidates, election 2018

Election 2018: Meet the 5 candidates running for Citrus Heights City Council

Sentinel staff report–
Beginning Oct. 8, vote-by-mail ballots will be sent to registered voters, and those in Citrus Heights will have a chance to choose from among five candidates vying for three seats on the City Council this year.

Three current council members, including the mayor and vice mayor, are all seeking to hold onto their seats, while two newcomers are seeking to add a fresh voice on the five-member council. Although several fringe candidates during the last City Council election two years ago only managed to pull a few percentage points, each candidate this year boasts strong endorsements from various officials and organizations.

To give candidates an opportunity to introduce themselves to residents and give voters an opportunity to learn more about each candidate’s life and background, The Sentinel gave each candidate the opportunity to submit written answers to a series of seven identical questions…

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