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Letters: ARCO proposal, plastic bags, new Citrus Heights sports complex?


Letters to the Editor
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Latest letters-to-the-editor include comments from readers about potential new uses for the old Sylvan Middle School property, the proposed new ARCO gas station, and confusion over the plastic bag ban. Submit your own letter to the editor about a current local issue by clicking here.

Citrus Heights needs a sports complex, water park
(RE: Demolition of old Sylvan Middle School underway; what’s next?) As a life time resident in Citrus Heights I would love to see a sports complex build in the area, specifically to replace the old Sylvan Middle school. There are a large amount of competitive sports teams that are limited to sports complexs in this particular area for tournaments. Sports tournaments can bring a lot of money to the community. Create an area where children can put the electronics down, get out of the house and involved in sports. Even add a simple water park for parents to walk their children to from the nearby neighborhoods.

Citrus Heights needs more family oriented attributes to the community, less fast food, less car washes, less shopping and more outdoor activities. If the cost of living in Citrus Heights is going to increase then why not add to the value of our neighborhood?
-Crissy Fonseca, Citrus Heights

Old Sylvan needs new complex for children
(RE: Demolition of old Sylvan Middle School underway; what’s next?)
I understand it is an important move on the part of the San Juan Unified School District to demolish the old Sylvan Middle School. I can only hope that if the City of Citrus Heights purchases the property that it will continue to be treated as the Historical Site of Learning that it truly is and has been for well over a century-and-a-half. I don’t think I would be alone in advocating for a State-of-the-Art New Sylvan Library / Literacy / Activity Center / Sports Center-type of complex for our children to use now and in the future.

This corner property has been the heartbeat of Citrus Heights; child after child passing through, beginning with Alfred Spooner’s first classroom in 1862. We owe it to our residents to come up with a plan that draws families in, giving them reasons to stay in the Citrus Heights area. They are our investment in our city’s future.
-Nora Roberts, Citrus Heights

Confused by plastic bag ban
I find it interesting and confusing that voters voted to do away with plastic bags, but some retailers, including Walmart are not only using plastic bags, but also charging $.10 for each of them. Voters voted to eliminated them to protect the environment and that has not been done.
Joan Whittaker, Citrus Heights

ARCO opponents should buy property or be quiet
(RE: Residents organize, gather signatures to oppose new ARCO on Sunrise Blvd) The area is commercial already, but the current building is closed and not generating any employment and minimal tax revenue. It’s also private property, yet people who do not own that property are trying to control its use. My position is that the station should be allowed unless the protesters can come up with the cash to buy the property and turn it into something else.
Michael Sugden, Citrus Heights

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