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Citrus Heights Police Logs: Veterans Day, rooster mask, stolen truck

Police were kept busy on Veterans Day in Citrus Heights, responding to reports of a female with a "rooster mask" in a suspicious vehicle, more trouble with juveniles, and a man's ex-girlfriend smashing up his car with a bat.

Citrus Heights Police Logs: pumpkins, Taco Bell, juvenile trouble

Latest police logs include reports of juveniles hurling pumpkins at a vehicle, trouble at a Taco Bell drive-thru, and a pressure washer being used to assault an ex-roommate...

Citrus Heights Police Logs: grand thefts, hit-and-run, assault

Latest police logs include reports of a woman crashing into a parked car at a local bar, two grand theft incidents, and an assault reported near Greenback Lane and Birdcage Street.

Citrus Heights Police Logs: squatters, pizza, drunk driver

Latest police logs include reports of transients squatting in vacant apartment units, a man's home being egged by an ex-girlfriend who reportedly also stole his car, and police being called after a pizza delivery went wrong.

Citrus Heights Police Logs: counterfeit dollar, petty thefts, DUI

Latest police logs in Citrus Heights include a burglary suspect attempting to steal a non-operational vehicle, multiple petty theft reports at various businesses, and a report of a counterfeit one dollar bill...

Citrus Heights Police Logs: Burglary, transient trouble, stolen vehicle

Latest police logs in Citrus Heights include reports of transients causing trouble at the site of the future Studio Movie Grill, a residential burglary resulting in the loss of more than $8,000 in valuables, and a man wearing a gold mask trying to open fraudulent accounts at a local credit union...

Citrus Heights Police Logs: shaving cream, transients, indecent exposure

Latest local police logs include reports of teenagers spraying shaving cream all over some Hallmark cards at Walgreens, a topless woman observed in front of Raley's, and a rash of homeless-related incidents reported around Citrus Heights...

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