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Letters to the Editor

LETTER: City shouldn’t use ARPA funds for fireworks show

By Linda Sue Arrowwood-- I am thoroughly against any funds used for this proposal. The pandemic relief fund or American Rescue Plan funds should be used to support the people and businesses affected by the pandemic and current impacts on infrastructure in Citrus Heights...

LETTER: Safety upgrades at schools should have happened years ago

By Mark Mitchell-- I really have a hard time believing that our schools need more money to upgrade fencing and other aspects of keeping kids safe. It's 2023, this should have taken place years ago.

LETTER: It’s time to bring back police logs in Citrus Heights

By Leon Barrow, Citrus Heights-- Now that Citrus Heights is receiving my property tax, I believe they have enough money to get the Police Logs going again...

LETTER: Citrus Heights Water District rate increase won’t raise bill by much

Letter by Ray Riehle, Orangevale-- [RE: Citrus Heights Water District seeks 20% increase in water usage rates; Nov. 19th] The headline may be potentially misleading, but the customer bill will not increase by 20%. The Usage Charge referred to in the Sentinel article is 35% of a customer’s invoice,

LETTER: Tiny homes on Sayonara? No Way

Letter by Jim Olson-- I bought my home off of Larwin Drive back in the early 90s and was not told about the issues with the riff-raff on Sayonara Drive at that time. I suffered through a good 15 to 20 years of debris being thrown in my yard, including drug...

LETTER: 9/11 event at Sylvan Cemetery brought tears to many eyes

I'd like to send out a special thank you to Jim Monteton, the organizer of the 9/11 Memorial event. The short ceremony only lasted about 30 minutes, but in that short period of time, everyone in attendance was able to honor the 2,977 lives taken on that tragic day.

LETTER: Speed bumps needed on San Juan Avenue to stop speeders

Letter by Mark Mitchell, Citrus Heights-- [RE: City continues work towards plan to repave, widen San Juan Avenue; Aug. 23rd]  Spending millions of dollars to buy property, add sidewalks, and lighting on San Juan Avenue seems to be an overreach once again by city leaders. I guarantee not one city council member has ever walked on that stretch of the San Juan Fwy. It's FREAKIN scary how fast some of these "I D 10 T'S" go.

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