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Citrus Heights MRAP
File photo. Officers with the Citrus Heights Police Department SWAT team conduct a raid of S&S Tire in 2015, with the assistance of an MRAP vehicle. // CH Sentinel

By Citrus Heights resident Mark Mitchell–
[RE: Public hearing to be held on police military equipment policy for Citrus Heights; April 24th] The Citrus Heights Police Department should be able to use any and all types of military vehicles! That goes for any type of tactical tools they may need too.

We need to support our men and women in blue. Even more now, than ever before.

I believe everyone in the state is fed up with the crime and theft that’s going on. And if it takes a military tank, a drone, a helicopter, or even a Humvee, let them use whatever they want, to do their job safely!

And if these DA’s won’t do their job and put criminal’s behind bars, then they need to be held responsible, one way or another!

Let’s not cower to the WOKE mentality!

Be safe out there.

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