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Letters: homelessness, elections, crime, safety

Letters to the Editor
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The Sentinel recently began accepting Letter-to-the-Editor submissions to encourage community dialogue and give our readers a chance to make their voice heard on current local issues. Here’s the first batch of letters from residents, weighing in on homelessness, local elections, crime, and safety in Citrus Heights.

Local candidates should focus on solving homeless problem in Citrus Heights

(Re: Likely voters list 4 top candidates after Citrus Heights council forum, Sept. 21) Let’s not bury our heads in the sand, the homeless population is a huge issue in Citrus Heights! As I read through the candidate statements for City Council I’m shocked at some of the candidates lack of understanding, or willingness to admit, the homeless problem we have in our city. Some don’t mention it all and Mr. Slowey states that we can’t fix it ourselves, it has to be a regional fix. Although we do have a regional homeless problem, to disregard that anything can be done at a city level is short sighted at best.
The City of Roseville was known as a homeless haven but in the past few years they have changed policy, hired homeless advocates and have a police officer who does nothing but interact and monitor the homeless population. Since these, and other changes, have been made their population has dwindled substantially. Where did they go? Citrus Heights.
As the election gets closer, I urge residents to read the comments of all candidates and choose those who take our homeless situation seriously.
Brad Staplin, Citrus Heights

City is safer than ever; Don’t blame candidate for citing inaccurate report

I attended the candidates forum sponsored by REACH and I think the coverage of the event was accurate, fair and well-written. I do, however, have a comment on the follow-up article: “Fact Check: Candidate Claims Citrus Heights among top ‘least safe’ cities; but is it?” I am by no means a supporter of Mr. Daniels but, in all fairness, I don’t blame him for any inaccuracies of his comment. Because he wants to get elected, he needs to show that our current PD isn’t doing the job and that he will make a difference. He Googled and found an obscure source that supported his position. I don’t expect him to analyze the data in the style of a business professor at Sac State. Just goes to show that you can search and find data to support any viewpoint — there is a lot of wrong info out there. Where Daniels ought to be fact-checked is against the report by the Police Chief that shows crime trends going down in most crime categories. I join the throngs of people that are proud of our Citrus Heights Police Department (that Daniels voted against having). I feel our city residents are safer than we have ever been.
-Jayna Karpinski-Costa, Citrus Heights
President, SOAR Neighborhood Association

Considering move to Placer County to escape crime

I have lived in Citrus Heights for two years after leaving Orangevale. We left Orangevale due to all the drug dealing and crime that was going on. We thought Citrus Heights would be a safer area with less issues. Initially it was great. We had a much greater police presence. Now we have had robbery of both homes and cars and lots of drug issues. We live by C-Bar-C Park, off Oak Avenue. We are now looking to move to Placer County. There is a reason prices are more expensive there and the police have the time to patrol and keep crimes down. No place is perfect, but at least I will feel safer when walking by myself. I do not feel safe here. Pretty sad.
Mary Alred, Citrus Heights

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