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Letters: homeless shelter, cemetery expansion, Citrus Heights dog park?


Sylvan Corners, Citrus Heights. Photo credit: Luke Otterstad
File photo, Sylvan Corners. // CH Sentinel

Latest letters from the community discuss sheltering the homeless, the lack of a fenced off-leash dog park in Citrus Heights, and a suggestion for Sylvan Cemetery to expand onto part of the old Sylvan Middle School property. Submit your own letter to the editor about a current local issue by clicking here.

Sylvan Cemetery could use room to grow at old school site
(RE: Feb. 26 letters: ideas abound for future use of old Sylvan school property) 
I know that growth to a cemetery doesn’t immediately spring to mind when thinking about Sylvan Corners and the use of the Sylvan school that is being torn down, but Sylvan cemetery, which is right next door to that property, does need to expand if it is to continue to support and provide for the citizens of Citrus Heights.

Our cemetery has been part of this city since 1862 and within the next 5-10 years we will run out of room and will be forced to close. We’re not asking for the entire property – just an acre or two off of the north end of the school property.
Jim Monteton, Citrus Heights
Board Member, Sylvan Cemetery District

Citrus Heights needs an off-leash park for dogs
Last year, I asked the Sunrise Parks and Recreation District to create a fenced-in area within a park where a family can take their dog(s) to have off-leash play without the typical adversarial dog park environment. So far, funding has not come through for this. Being originally from Loomis, I am dismayed that there is nothing like this here. Many people take their dogs to our local parks for off-leash time so there is obviously a need for something like this. Citrus Heights needs to retain its small-town feel despite the growing population. That would be my suggestion.
Cynthia Willmett, Citrus Heights

Shelter is a great way to help homeless
(RE: Feb. 22, Winter Shelter: churches, volunteers help homeless off Citrus Heights streets) 
The winter shelter sounds like a wonderful program that I will be looking into more when I retire; I’m glad to hear that Citrus Heights homeless have somewhere to go. I see them under a cover at a church by my house and it’s sad to see when the weather is so cold and wet. We have had some issues with a few homeless people and have called the police, but most are just trying to survive. I’m close to Rusch Park, so we do see this everyday.

Bless all who help the people in need. We don’t know their stories and should not judge people because they are homeless. My daughter ask for tarps and twine to help the homeless in Roseville and she can’t keep enough in stock. Some people would rather live on the streets, and this helps them when it rains.
Connie Witherow, Citrus Heights

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