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Monday, March 27, 2023

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By Kim Davis, Citrus Heights-- I’m glad the City of Citrus Heights has approved bringing back the fireworks show. I’m sad because I know the stress it brings to many both people and animals due to the noise that comes along with the beautiful displays of light.

Citrus Heights Letters: Fireworks, homeless, library

By Barbara L. Babcock, Citrus Heights-- My daughter is one of the homeless people that often stays at the Sylvan Library. She has an addiction, which contributes to a mental illness and Multiple Sclerosis which she is not getting treatment for.

More Letters: residents continue discussion about future use of old Sylvan


Sylvan Middle School
All building have now been demolished at the old Sylvan Middle School property at Sylvan Corners. // CH Sentinel

With all buildings at the old Sylvan Middle School now demolished, latest letters from the community continue discussion about future uses for the site at Sylvan Corners. Comments focus on kid-friendly uses for the property, with a sports complex being a popular recommendation.

A San Juan Unified School District surplus property committee has been charged with making an official recommendation to the school board. Appointments to the seven-member committee are slated for the upcoming SJUSD board meeting on March 14.

A new sports complex would be an asset to Citrus Heights
[RE: Letters: homeless shelter, cemetery expansion, Citrus Heights dog park?]  The old Sylvan site should be used for the children of the community. Currently, girls play softball during the spring and summer behind the site, and boys and girls use the site for soccer during fall and winter. To make a new expanded sports complex would greatly impact our youth and have an outlet for them. A nice snack bar and restroom facility with fields for recreational use would be an amazing asset to this city.
-Justin Heeb, Citrus Heights

Developments at old Sylvan should keep kids in mind
[RE: Letters: homeless shelter, cemetery expansion, Citrus Heights dog park?]  Please be mindful that our local children and school are still nearby and only moved around the corner to the old elementary school. A cemetery is creepy, but would be a safe choice. We already have C-bar-C as a dog park. We should be raising up and building our neighborhood up, not dragging it down. We should be looking at successful communities, not mirroring the worst.
-Beverly Clark, Citrus Heights

Additional comments from Facebook:

Robin S. — “I would like to be buried at Sylvan Cemetery, this is where I’ve lived for 20 years. My neighborhood. But by the time I die there will be no room. Is there any room now. They should expand. That would be great if my husband and our family could be there to rest. The other places are not my neighborhood.”

Brian W. — “Sports complex is the best idea ever and it will pay for itself over the long haul. Think of all the tournaments: men and women, adults and kids, softball to baseball to soccer tournaments, plus a good snack bar that can make money. Throw in a nice big playground for the kids and some BBQ’s for all day fun at the park. I’ve been in Citrus heights for 36 years and tired of people going to Roseville, Rocklin, and Lincoln to use their complex and their playgrounds.

Tina D. — Sports complex would be fantastic! Even Mesa still needs a football field, even though they have plenty of space to put it on their campus… might as well utilize the now-empty lot for something for the kids so they can get off their smartphone, video games, etc. Enjoy the sunshine, the rain, all the stuff we endured as kids! Learn to be a kid without social media and all that ridiculous crap!”

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