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Community Voices: local crime, new stadium, new hotel needed?

Sunrise Mall, stadium, Citrus Heights
A photo taken several years ago during a prior concert at Sunrise Mall. A newly approved pop-up stadium will be similar in design and appearance. // Image courtesy, Sunrise Marketplace

Latest letters and reader comments address concerns about Prop 47 and crime, as well as the Citrus Heights city council’s recent approval of a $300,000 grant to purchase a 2,500 seat pop-up stadium at Sunrise Mall.

Prop 47 has increased crime and should be repealed
[RE: Guest Opinion: Prop 47 has reduced crime and made Citrus Heights safer; Sept. 30]  I respectfully disagree with Mr. Warren. I have lived in Citrus Heights for over 20 years. I have seen the change in this community after the passage of the propositions and it hasn’t been good. As a matter of fact, at one time I seriously considered moving from Citrus Heights because of the increase in crime and increase in visible homeless and drug use in my neighborhood. Instead of moving, I began calling the police every time I saw something. I’m sure they got very tired of hearing from me. I began to be aware of many other residents calling in. Over the last year or so, it has gotten better, but is still a problem.

I don’t see how anyone can argue that the increase in problems in Citrus Heights isn’t directly related to the passage of these propositions. I believe the people that voted based on the title “Safe neighborhoods and schools act” were badly misled and I believe that if it were put to a vote today and a more accurate title given, it wouldn’t have a chance of passing. I, and I suspect many others, would love to see these propositions repealed.
-Rebecca Holt, Citrus Heights

New stadium is a great idea; now we need a nicer hotel
I think that the pop-up venue is a great idea; it will bring more money to Citrus Heights. We need a nicer hotel closer to Sunrise Mall and more food or restaurant choices that will help accommodate this venue.
-Lisa Valencia, Citrus Heights

Additional comments from Facebook:
RE: “Sunrise Mall to get new 2,500-seat stadium for outdoor concerts, events”
Rochelle C. — Love it! Can’t wait to see what else they have in store, in the new redevelopment plan they haven’t released yet. When they do revamp (the mall) I sure hope they put in more kid-friendly areas. I used to frequent the mall once a week when they offered Kids Club. I would stay all morning and spend money on snacks and other purchases here and there. But now there is no draw for us moms to go there.

RE:Guest Opinion: Prop 47 has reduced crime and made Citrus Heights safer
Keri L. — That is the funniest thing I’ve read. Let’s talk about all the harassment from the transients and crime that’s gone up around here. Let’s talk about the hypodermic needles found at the parks, in public bathrooms and in the gutters.

RE: “Old home on Sunrise Blvd. demolished; neighbors glad it’s no longer a homeless attraction”
Kris H. — Wow, if something is run down somewhere in this town, it’s not the owners or the owners family NOT TAKING CARE OF THEIR PROPERTIES and maybe taking responsibility for the mess…. Nah, let’s blame the homeless, it’s easier to blame them instead of manning up and taking the blame for the pig pen/mess…..SMH disgusting!

RE: Citrus Heights PD release images of suspects in $250k diamond heist”
Debbie C. — 6 months is a long time for anyone to remember clear details. If it was reported that day on the news then maybe someone in the area, walking, or riding the bus would’ve noticed them and taken note of where they got off the bus. Wearing face masks and gloves in April would be one tip off that something wasn’t right. A bit late now though. Good Luck finding them now.

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