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More Letters: Would these be better future uses for Sunrise Mall?

Sunrise Mall
A satellite view from Google Maps shows Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights. // Image credit: Google Maps

Latest letters from readers suggest redevelopment options for the aging Sunrise Mall, including mixed-use or completely replacing the mall with a college campus.

Mixed-use at Sunrise Mall would be great for housing
Since lack of housing is critical in our city and lack of space for new housing. I would make sense to use the Sunrise Mall location for a mixed use facility. First level walkable businesses with several levels of condos or apartments above with gated resident parking behind. Businesses to support the residents needs as well as drive by customers.
-Lisa Frazelle, Citrus Heights

How about a college campus in place of Sunrise Mall?
I would love to see a college campus built where Sunrise Mall is now. It would bring people to the area to support nearby businesses. I don’t know if a private school, a community college, or a CSU would be best, but regardless it would be a great investment for the area.
-Dylan Musgrove, Folsom

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Additional comments from readers on Facebook:

Joan B. — I want to spend my money where I live but after a recent visit to Sunrise Mall am doubtful that I will waste my time or money there. It has been in decline for several years and something needs to happen soon to revive this critical source of money to our city.

Linda D. — Make it like some of the the places in Folsom, shops, restaurants, entertainment…

Marc R. — If you really want to bring back the Sunrise Mall or any Mall for that matter the #1 thing that you should stop doing is buying your stuff online… If you think the Citrus Heights City Council is going to do anything proactive and in the best interest of the community regarding the mall I would not hold your breath.

Sandra M. — Spruce it up a little! Been there forever! Yes, way safer than Arden Fair mall!

Annette A. — I hope that it don’t become an apartment complex.