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LETTER: Will Christmas and the tree lighting be next to go?

2015 red white and blue parade, citrus heights
File photo, 2015 Red White & Blue Parade on Sunrise Boulevard. // CH Sentinel

Letter submitted by Jim Monteton, Citrus Heights–
[RE: Citrus Heights says 2019 Red, White & Blue Parade won’t be happening; Feb. 3rd]  I liked our Red White and Blue Parade and the timing in between Flag Day and the Fourth of July. It always made me feel like our city was satisfying two salutes to our nation’s history, our patriotism and our veterans all in one event.

We used to have a great Fourth of July event at the Sunrise Mall — and it’s gone too. So now, unlike all other cities, we will go through the year without celebrating anything that is America. Funny, I thought Citrus Heights was different. I guess Christmas and the tree lighting will be next to go.


Why not build senior communities in place of mall?
[RE: New owner buys up Sunrise Mall for $25.6M, but questions remain; Jan. 17th]  Why don’t developers turn abandoned shopping malls into senior communities? Housing, shopping, groceries, doctor offices, etc. Have solar to handle power bills. Open stores to the outside so others can go to the coffee shop or stores. It’s a controlled environment. Perfect to house senior retirement condos. Put a Walmart at one end.
–Kevin Scroggins, Folsom

From Facebook:

Harlan H. — I can remember when Citrus Heights was full of family fun. Birdcage walk with all the attractions, birds etc. Dick Cable with his fun with the kids, etc. that all went away. Then the fireworks. That went away too. Now we are losing the parades? Come on. Why are we losing all the things Citrus Heights was known for?

Eileen L. —  Very sad that another Family event disappears. It showed the younger generation community spirit, the value of respect (clapping and supporting) for the folks who walked with pride. It’s disappointing that youngsters won’t know how to imagine something they could make for future events outside of electronic devices. It’s a loss for the community.

Linda F. — This is WRONG! The community loves the Red, White and Blue Parade! If Sunrise Boulevard is not the best venue, then find another street!

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