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Editor’s note: These letters were written in response to an article published on April 1, 2023: Citrus Heights residents could soon face fines for not sorting waste properly

Latest letters to the editor from Citrus Heights Sentinel readers focus attention on Republic Services’ announcement that fines will soon be imposed on repeat violators who improperly sort waste.

New waste sorting law is ridiculous
The new law that will start to affect Citrus Heights is ridiculous. Not only are we required to sort garbage, green waste and recycling, but now have a small organics bin to put out each week with food waste. For that initiative, the bags provided were compostable but degrade to quickly so at the end of the week I have rotting food all over my can.

Recycling is also incredibly confusing for people due to the fact a bottle may not be recyclable but the wrap on that bottle is. No one is going to take the time to separate the two and especially not wash out a peanut butter jar. I think we should go to the Placer County system and recycling and garbage go into one bin. This would also let the neighborhood look nicer as we would all have one less bin on the side of our houses.
-Dustin Huiting, Citrus Heights

Nothing wrong with sorting waste?
Mr. Daniels, you need to take the chip off your shoulder. We are not in high school anymore. Nobody is “pushing you around.” We are looking for ways to better handle our waste. This includes EASILY taking care of sorting our waste so we don’t have to pay more for the disposal of our waste.

I work hard for my money and would rather spend a little time sorting than pay more for the garbage service to do the same. Please put aside your “hyper-individualism” and start thinking of the community. Thank you.
-Ken Ruyle, Sacramento

It’s government overreach to dig through my trash
I think Republic Services needs to re-think their bidding process for contracts. I shouldn’t have to cover the overage costs, thru fines imposed on customers, because they failed to take into account some people are not going to comply to the S.B. ruling on 100% of separating the trash. Find another way instead of governmental overreach of going thru my trash. Big thumbs down vote on this one.
-Collier MacCowan, Citrus Heights

I’m opposed to new waste separation requirement
Dear public: I oppose the separation of waste material that is required at this time. We live in an area that is very high heat, and the flies and maggots are so abundant that we cannot control them without a high level of insecticide, which then pollute the environment.

We have not been provided with airtight containers or a means to compost that will eliminate this insect problem. Every week pick up is not sufficient, and we have been given no way of managing the maggots and flies that go around the garbage can. It is really disgusting to have to lift a lid and make sure my hands are not full of maggots. We do a modified separation and put things like coffee, grounds and egg shells into the green waste bin.
-Cathie DuChene, Citrus Heights

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