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Saturday, March 25, 2023

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LETTER: How about enforcing existing laws before passing new ones?

By Mark Mitchell, Citrus Heights-- The city just came up with another ordinance, not allowing semi tractor trailers to park on public streets. Good job, that's great, but...

LETTER: Police should resume publishing logs

By Carol Alexander, Citrus Heights-- I for one was disappointed that the police stopped posting the logs of what was happening on a daily basis some years ago...

LETTER: City should consider ‘silent fireworks’ show instead

By Kim Davis, Citrus Heights-- I’m glad the City of Citrus Heights has approved bringing back the fireworks show. I’m sad because I know the stress it brings to many both people and animals due to the noise that comes along with the beautiful displays of light.

Citrus Heights Letters: Fireworks, homeless, library

By Barbara L. Babcock, Citrus Heights-- My daughter is one of the homeless people that often stays at the Sylvan Library. She has an addiction, which contributes to a mental illness and Multiple Sclerosis which she is not getting treatment for.

LETTERS: ARPA funds weren’t meant for ‘frivolous’ fireworks show

Letter by Roger Klausler-- How can the city dare to use $80,000 in ARPA funds to resurrect a frivolous display of smoke and noise that pollutes the air and frightens animals in the guise of "bringing our community back together" after a difficult 3 years?

LETTER: It’s time to address repeat dumping on Sayonara Drive


File photo, a sign posted on a vacant lot on Sayonara Drive prohibits dumping. // CH Sentinel

Letter by Timothy Jackson–
I have lived in Citrus Heights over 20 years. I have served in the community on Planning Boards and in neighborhood associations. I have never been so ashamed of the city’s actions as I have over the last year with the creation of a city dump on Sayonara near Sunrise Blvd.

Over the months, an increasing amount of trash has been illegally dumped on the street not always by residents of the apartments on Sayonara, but by others outside the area that have found a “FREE” dumping place.

The city has become a forgiving overseer and has paid to have the continual dumping cleaned up. At what cost and how long will this continue? It has gotten worse! Within a day after the cleanup has occurred, new piles appear with more sanitation issues with the material being dumped.

There has got to be a better way to deal with this. We are caring intelligent people that live in Citrus Heights. Can’t we come together and solve this unsightly sanitation issue?

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