Citrus Heights News Briefs: guns, hot dogs, knife call, holiday hours, retiree

Latest news briefs include Hot Dog on a Stick opening at Sunrise Mall, a councilman’s call of support for concealed weapons permits, another senior city staff retirement, a heavier-than-usual police response on Raintree Drive, and an update on holiday hours at city hall.

‘Hot Dog on a Stick’ now open at Sunrise Mall
In a Dec. 19 post on social media, the franchise chain Hot Dog on a Stick announced the opening of its new location at Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights. The chain was started in 1946 in Santa Monica and has since grown to 70 stores in seven states, according to its website. The restaurant is known for “made-to-order Hot Dogs on a Stick and fresh hand-stomped lemonade.”

Councilman backs sheriff’s concealed carry plan, encourages residents to ‘exercise their Second Amendment right’
Newly seated Councilman Bret Daniels took to his social media page this week to voice his support for Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones’ new plan to streamline the process for obtaining and renewing concealed carry weapons permits (CCW’s). On Wednesday, Daniels posted a link to a story from the Sacramento Bee on his public Facebook page about the sheriff’s revised permit policy and wrote, “I fully support the Sheriff’s position and encourage all Citrus Heights residents to exercise their Second Amendment right.” Daniels also posted a photo with a message stating, “Statistics show that criminals commit less crime after they’ve been shot.”

According to a sheriff’s department news release on Dec. 20, the revised policy will facilitate permit renewals entirely online, eliminate a previous requirement for a second office visit during permit application, and increase the number of firearms on a permit to five, up from three. Supporters say concealed carry holders have helped save lives and argue that permits should not take months to obtain, while opponents say more CCW’s don’t make communities safer and argue that making permits easier to obtain could leave guns in the wrong hands. Daniels is a former county sheriff’s deputy, who was elected to the city council last month and previously served on the council from 1999 to 2005. (See news release)

Principal civil engineer retires from city
Tweets from the city and police department on Wednesday announced the retirement of Kevin Becker, who served as a principal civil engineer for the City of Citrus Heights. In a Dec. 20 tweet, the police department thanked Becker for an “Immeasurable Impact” in the city, and a tweet from the city credited him as “the man behind Auburn Blvd Complete Streets & much more.” According to the city’s online staff directory, Becker was one of three principal civil engineers on staff in the public works and engineering division. He had been with the city for at least 15 years.

CHPD: ‘Unfounded’ knife call draws heavier-than-usual police response
Police said residents may have observed a significant police presence on Raintree Drive Wednesday morning, as officers responded to a reported altercation between a man and a woman, possibly involving a knife. Lt. Mike Wells said the incident occurred on the 7100 block of Raintree Drive, off Auburn Boulevard, around 11 a.m. on Dec. 21. He said based on the knife report and the number of people inside the residence, “the response was a little more heavy than normal,” but after clearing the residence, officers determined that only a verbal altercation had occurred and that no crime had been committed. He said no one was arrested, and officers determined the knife aspect of the initial report to have been “unfounded.”

Library and City Hall announce holiday, temporary hours
Residents and community members seeking to conduct business at city hall during the final week of 2016 will need to do so Tuesday through Thursday, as the hall will be closed on both Monday and Friday. According to the city’s online calendar, the hall will be closed on Dec. 26, as well as Dec. 30. City hall will also be closed the following Monday, Jan. 2. (See calendar)

Effective Jan. 2, Sylvan Library will be temporarily open on Monday’s from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., though previously only open Tuesday through Saturday. According to the library’s website, the extended hours are due to the temporary closure of Arcade and North Highlands-Antelope libraries, which will be undergoing interior remodeling through spring 2017. (See more)

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