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Goats currently clearing acreage behind Citrus Heights city hall

goats, grazing, citrus heights, city hall
Goats grazing behind the Citrus Heights city hall on Aug. 18, 2017. // CH Sentinel

Updated Aug. 19, 8:26 p.m.–
About 140 goats have been hired to clear several locations around Citrus Heights over the next few weeks, beginning with the vacant field behind city hall.

In an announcement made earlier this month, Mayor Jeff Slowey said parents are welcome to bring children out to watch the goats graze — although he cautioned that electric fencing will be set up around the grazing perimeter.

City Principal Civil Engineer Chris Fallbeck told The Sentinel on Tuesday that the goats would be in Citrus Heights for about 14 to 18 days, “depending on fast or slow they are eating.” After the goats finish up at city hall, they will then move over to an area in the Navion/Misty Creek neighborhood.

Mayor Slowey said goats are about two-thirds the cost of having human laborers clear the vegetation — and they also don’t get poison oak. He said their immunity will be especially helpful in clearing sections of berry vines and poison oak in the Navion/Misty Creek area of the city.