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LETTERS: Police logs were valuable source of info in Citrus Heights


Latest letters from Citrus Heights residents respond to the recent decision by the police department to discontinue posting daily incident bulletins about local crimes and reports.

Police logs offer valuable info for citizens
[RE: Citrus Heights PD won’t be posting police logs anymore. Here’s why; Dec. 1st] I feel these logs are good for public relations. They are not too long and I know that some police activity cannot be published. I have been a citizen of Citrus Heights since 1980, when my husband retired after 21 years in the United States Air Force.

I find The Sentinel to be a good source of information, especially since the major news sources in Sacramento treat us like chopped liver. The Police Logs provide valuable information for citizens. When there is a proliferation of crime in one’s neighborhood, we can be on the lookout for similar crimes.
– Patricia Lueckert, Citrus Heights

We have a right to know about crimes in our city
I prefer a more accurate posting of the police activities within our city. The POP officers no longer provide us a list of crimes in our neighborhood association meetings either. Saying it is a time factor is an excuse. As citizens of the city, we should be able to know and have a right to know what crimes occur in our city. Check to see if this decision is coming from legal counsel.
-Bill Shirley, Vice President of CHASE Neighborhood Association

Disappointed at police logs being cut
I am disappointed that this information will no longer be published in The Sentinel. I looked forward to reading about what’s going on in our areas/neighborhoods. I can understand the additional work putting this info together for you to publish, but shouldn’t that be important enough to hire someone part time to do it?
-Lena Mueller, Citrus Heights

Ask residents first
Why discontinue this? Very helpful to know what is going on. How much additional time could it really take? I read every one and shared the information. Why not ask us first?
-Richard B. James, Citrus Heights

*Editor’s note: Up until Nov. 12, daily incident bulletins were posted to the police department’s website for community members to access. The Sentinel compiled select bulletins into a more readable format each week, with police codes and other jargon interpreted for readers. See prior story for more: Citrus Heights PD won’t be posting police logs anymore. Here’s why.

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