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Sunrise Rollerland

7 family friendly things to do in Citrus Heights

Families looking for local places to keep kids occupied throughout the summer months in Citrus Heights, can find a limited range of opportunities including a skating rink, bowling alley, gaming cafe and kids’ playhouse and arcade…

sample platter from apple bees

8 spots to grab a late-night eat in Citrus Heights

Residents looking to satisfy that late-night craving can take advantage of several spots in the city that are open past midnight, including four locations which are open 24/7…

Meet John Klunder: a suburban farmer in Citrus Heights

By Mike Hazlip— Known as “Farmer John” to friends and neighbors, Citrus Heights resident John Klunder and his wife use their storied property to grow farm-to-fork produce…

Owners Melisa and Robert Roden, Galaxy Game Cafe

Have you checked out these five new businesses in Citrus Heights?

Several businesses have opened in 2024, including a new thrift store, an imaging center, an events center, a batting cage facility and a gaming cafe.

8501 Auburn blvd.

Design plans under review for proposed church on Auburn Blvd

An area Ukrainian church has submitted architectural plans for their newly acquired 50,500-square-foot commercial space on Auburn Boulevard…

Corner of the Sunrise Mall parking lot

What’s going on with the plans for a hotel at Sunrise Mall?

After a year-and-a half-under review, plans to subdivide a 2.8-acre parcel in the corner of the Sunrise Mall parking lot into three parcels are expected to be completed by…

Charter school to relocate campus to Citrus Heights office building

By Sara Beth Williams– American River Collegiate Academy, which initially planned to build a new campus on Antelope Road, has announced plans to relocate to a long-term campus in Citrus Heights for the 2024-25 school year…

New archway signage installed at Citrus Heights shopping plaza

Sentinel staff report– Morning drivers traveling along Sunrise Boulevard on Tuesday could see a large crane setting new archway signage in place over…

Citrus Heights nonprofit to re-launch men’s mentorship program for kids of single moms

By Mike Hazlip– Single Mom Strong, which is headquartered in Citrus Heights, this year is pairing volunteer men with children of single mothers in a program that is re-starting after being on hold during the pandemic…

What’s going on with the plan to redevelop Sunrise Mall?

By Mike Hazlip— In October 2019, the City of Citrus Heights awarded a $1.2 million contract to create a “shovel ready” plan to comprehensively guide future development on the nearly 100-acre Sunrise Mall property.

Sunrise Mall loses another longtime tenant

By Mike Hazlip— Another national brand that was a tenant at Sunrise Mall has vacated their suite..

Citrus Heights city hall

Citrus Heights council votes 3-2 to fund fireworks show, patriotic event

Sentinel staff report– In a controversial vote Thursday night the Citrus Heights City Council narrowly approved spending up to $80,000 in American Rescue Plan Act funds to pay for a patriotic event this summer that will include a…