Want to convert a garage or build a tiny home in your backyard? It’s now easier

By Thomas J. Sullivan–
Homeowners seeking to add a secondary dwelling on their property are finding it easier to do so, thanks to some changes in state law and city zoning codes that were adopted as a way to address the state’s housing crisis.

Secondary dwellings and other forms of independent living units, now both called “accessory dwelling units” or ADUs, are either detached or attached to a primary residential structure and provide permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking and sanitation. ADUs can also provide supplemental income to the property owner.

“Most (ADUs) are ‘in-law’ type units designed for additional older family members who would be living in the residence,” Citrus Heights Associate City Planner Alison Bermudez told The Sentinel.

“We’ve seen at least a dozen permits issued so far since the program began,” Bermudez said, compared with an average of less than one per year prior the city’s ordinance changing a year-and-a-half ago. “We’re likely to see more applicants as residents learn more about the ordinance and what it allows…”

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Kelsee's Purse, Citrus Heights

Citrus Heights woman opens new thrift shop ministry to help homeless

By Thomas J. Sullivan–
Citrus Heights is now home to a nonprofit clothing ministry called Kelsee’s Purse, thanks to the work of a young Romanian-American émigré. Ildi Ayers says she’s proud to make a modest difference in the quality of life of the city’s homeless community, one life at a time.

Her new store opened late last year at 7044 Sunrise Blvd. and is named in recognition of a young, homeless woman named Kelsee, who Ayers befriended on the streets of Citrus Heights.

“Kelsee had become unexpectedly homeless and was learning how difficult it often is to survive day-to-day,” Ayers told The Sentinel in an interview earlier this week. “She welcomed our church’s ministry support to help her get off the street and appreciated the basic toiletries, clothing and personal items we were able to give her.”

The Kelsee’s Purse retail store is incorporated as a nonprofit ministry of…

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