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Citrus Heights Letters: marijuana, vaping and another Starbucks?


An outline from Google maps roughly shows the area where a Starbucks is proposed to be built on Auburn Boulevard.

Latest letters from Citrus Heights Sentinel readers include commentary on marijuana use and varying perspectives on whether a sixth Starbucks is needed on Auburn Boulevard.

A new Starbucks is great news for neglected area
[RE: Proposal seeks to demolish liquor store to build new Starbucks in Citrus Heights; May 5th]   Such great news. A new Starbucks in the neighborhood. As a 17 year homeowner at Coventry Square Condos l want to say business and home owners in our area have felt neglected by CH city hall. A new Starbucks will improve our area. Where can l vote my approval for the project?
-Carole Sabo, Citrus Heights

Restrictions are needed for Starbucks
My opinion, this chain of stores should be restricted from building wherever. Too easy for kids to get addicted to coffee that can hurt their heart and develop sickness.
-Jesus Martinez

Pushing for marijuana, while seeking to stop smoking/vaping?
[RE: Guest Opinion: Should Sacramento County legalize recreational cannabis? May 19th]   I am a little confused. This state has done everything they can to stop smoking and vaping. Now it’s okay for recreational Mariana. It seems to me that we should overlook health for money. Probably spelling the drug incorrectly.
-Ken Friedman, Citrus Heights

From Facebook:

Jarrod R. Pretty stupid if you ask me. We have plenty of Starbucks in this city. I, personally refuse to do business with them and actually prefer java detour. Great way to stomp out small business Citrus Heights! Fits in with everything else you’ve been doing lately.

Cassandra N. I like more Starbucks to be honest. A lot of commuters use Sunrise for their commute into the city, and lines can get extremely long…

Oleg S. To all of the complainers – Vote with your feet and stop going there, I don’t. I doubt they would invest that amount of $$ if the demand wouldn’t be there.

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