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Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Fireworks ban in Citrus Heights after 11 p.m. was a farce

By Joel M. Carsley -- It was also a War Zone between Sylvan Road, Auburn Boulevard, Carriage, Raintree, Chivalry, Gallant Circle. Ninety-two missiles went off until 12:52 a.m., and that's not counting the legal fireworks. No police present in this area and only one siren from an ambulance.

LETTER: Fireworks were like a war zone in Citrus Heights

By Violet Ables, Citrus Heights-- On July the 2nd, 3rd, and the 4th, I called Citrus Heights Police on the illegal fireworks being set in a residential area behind Grand Oaks Shopping Center.

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LETTER: I support military equipment for local police

By Rochelle Castillo, Citrus Heights-- I support our Police Department's use of military-style vehicles and tactical equipment. As was seen in the 90s when banks began being robbed by criminals with military-style weapons and bullets that the police did not have any type of defense for they...

Citrus Heights Letters: Police military equipment, tree removal

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LETTER: Police should be able to use military vehicles to do job safely

By Mark Mitchell-- The Citrus Heights Police Department should be able to use any and all types of military vehicles! That goes for any type of tactical tools they may need too.

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