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Citrus Heights: see how your neighborhood voted in 2016

How Citrus Heights voted
Map showing how Citrus Heights voted for president on Nov. 8, 2016. Red indicates strong support for Donald Trump and blue for Hillary Clinton. Lighter colors indicate a slight lead. // Credit: Google, Phillip Reese,

Election results available as of Nov. 9 show Citrus Heights voters preferred Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in all but five precinct areas, and voters in every precinct gave majority support to Proposition 66, which speeds up the death penalty process in California.

Proposition-specific data comes from a map generated by Phillip Reese of the Sacramento Bee that visually displays how voters voted in the greater Sacramento region, utilizing results from the Sacramento County Department of Voter Registration and Elections.

Prop 62: The map shows Citrus Heights voters resoundingly rejected Prop 62, which would have abolished the death penalty, with every precinct voting against the effort by nearly 2-to-1.

Prop 64: Results for the proposition to legalize recreational marijuana were split about 50-50, with precincts in the northern part of Citrus Heights mostly in support and precincts in the south opposed.

>See the full interactive map here:

Measure B: The transportation-related sales tax proposal, Measure B, received majority support from Citrus Heights voters, but fell short of the two-thirds majority in almost every precinct.

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