Citrus Heights issued 56 new business licenses in January. See the list:

By Thomas J. Sullivan–
New restaurants, services and retail businesses are among the 56 new business licenses that were issued by the City of Citrus Heights in January this year. Sixteen licenses are registered at commercial addresses, while the remaining appear to be home-based businesses with a residential address listed.

Below are the latest licenses issued by the city, along with the commercial address, business category and primary contact person listed. Home-based businesses are not included:

CALIFORNIA FISH GRILL, Restaurant. Paul Potvin, 5406 Sunrise Blvd. Ste. 1

CAPITOL PROCESS SERVING, Service. James Johnson, 6060 Sunrise Vista Drive.

CASINO DEALER TRAINING, School/training. Jennifer Faiaipau, 6432 Tupelo Dr. Ste. C-4

EQUILON ENTERPRISES, LLC/SHELL OIL PRODUCTS US, Gas station/hydrogen pump. 6141 Greenback Ln.

FAMILY RESTAURANT, Restaurant. Samer Wardi, Dani Gorgees, 7329 Greenback Ln.

GREENHOUSE, Catering Services. Peter Mazur, 8493 Auburn Blvd.

MOLLY HARPER MARRIAGE FAMILY THERAPIST, Health Services/counseling. Molly Adrianne, 6060 Sunrise Vista Drive.

NEW IMAGE SKIN STUDIO, Hair/Nail Salon/Tanning. Ashley Bogue, Sarah Perez. 6523 Sunrise Blvd., #116.
Also registering at same address:

  • INK & GLOW, Service. Evelina Abramyan, 6253 Sunrise Blvd., #116

STYLESBYMATT,  Hair/Nail Salon/Tanning. Matthew Gall, 6001 San Juan Ave.
Also registering at same address:

  • JANET LIDDEL, Hair/Nail Salon/Tanning. Janet Liddel, 6001 San Juan. Ave., Ste. 300
  • HAIR BY AMBER, Hair/Nail Salon/Tanning. Amber Junkovic, 6001 San Juan Ave., Ste. 300

RICO’S MEXICAN FOOD, Restaurant. Sandra Neri, 7967 Auburn Blvd.

SO AWESOME TECHNOLOGY, Retail. Mocha Davis, 6041 Sunrise Blvd.

WHOLESALE FRAGRANCE, Retail. Dimitry Brodskiy, 6829 Greenback Ln.

YOUR ELDER CARE SPECIALIST, Service. Rebecca McEntire-Johnson, 6060 Sunrise Vista Drive, Ste. 2000F

*Publisher’s Note: The Sentinel publishes local business license information as a service to the public using publicly available data from the City of Citrus Heights. Appearance on this list does not imply any recommendation or warranty concerning any individual business listed. Licenses do not indicate whether a business has already opened. Some businesses listed may be established businesses who have had a change in ownership or had their license lapse for an extended period of time.