22-unit apartment complex proposed behind Citrus Heights Raley’s

Summerhills Apartments, Citrus Heights
A map from a site plan submitted to the city shows where a 22-unit apartment complex has been proposed behind Raley’s.

By Thomas J. Sullivan–
The city is currently reviewing a developer’s proposal to build a 22-unit apartment complex at the corner of Zenith Drive and Brimstone Drive, behind the Raley’s shopping center in Citrus Heights.

Plans for the project, known as the Summerhills Plaza Apartments, were submitted to the city last month. Construction of the rectangular-shaped apartment complex would replace existing parking spaces and a dirt pad located behind Raley’s Supermarket and Dollar Tree in the Summerhill Business Plaza.

Eight one-bedroom apartments would be offered, each sized around 879 square feet. Fourteen two-bedroom apartments in different two size models, 1,067 and 1,126 sq. ft. would also be available. The apartment complex is proposed to include 52 parking spaces, 30 of which would be standard surface stalls and 22 would include carports.

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All but two of the apartment units would face Zenith Drive. Plans for tenant access gates are featured at both Zenith and Brimstone Drives.

The apartment project is located near Antelope Road, with close access to Interstate 80. Antelope Crossing, the area’s business district, is surrounded by neighborhoods, making it a convenient and easy shopping choice for residents.

An aerial conceptual view shows a proposed 22-unit apartment complex behind Raleys. // Source: Planning Division website

Development plans will be resubmitted to the city’s planning division within 60 days, after required third-party traffic and noise abatement studies have been completed, according to a consultant for its developer, Cliffhaven Development of Newport Beach.

“We’ve submitted the initial application to the Citrus Heights Planning Department. Our presentation was well-received, but at the request of the city, we still need to complete these studies,” Ralph Deppisch said. Should the city planning review process proceed without further issue or requirements, he anticipates groundbreaking on the two-level apartment complex could take place in late summer or by early fall.

“We had some well-attended prior public meetings and we’ve listened to their general concerns about elevation and project density,” Deppisch said.

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Pricing of each of the proposed 22 apartment units has yet to be set. “There isn’t much room to add external amenities such as recreational space on the property,” he said. “Pricing will be based on the internal features and upgrades we offer within each unit.”

Colleen McDuffee, the city’s planning manager, told The Sentinel the project is currently under review and did not have an estimate on when the proposal will go before the city’s Planning Commission.

“Under our review process, we circulate the applicant’s plans to a number of groups. They can provide us their comments. We combine all the comments into a letter which is sent to the applicant about one month after their initial submittal,” McDuffee said. “Once the applicant reviews our comments, and provides for any additional information, or makes any requested changes, we will have a better idea of when it might go to the city Planning Commission.”

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