Traffic, Citrus Heights

Guest Column: Four reasons to oppose the proposed transportation sales tax increase

Guest opinion by County Supervisor Sue Frost–
Last week, the Sacramento Transportation Authority voted to approve an expenditure plan for a local half-percent sales tax increase across Sacramento County (including Citrus Heights) by a vote of 11-5 that will very likely go on the ballot in November. I voted “no” for four main reasons, and want to take this opportunity to explain what they are.

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GUEST COLUMN: What we’re doing at San Juan Water District to transition our elections

Guest submission by Ted Costa–
In the early 1950’s, when Folsom Dam was being built, it became necessary to build a treatment plant to serve eastern Sacramento with American River water. The Legislature then formed the first Community Services District — the San Juan Water District – to succeed and replace the North Fork Ditch Company, which had provided water supplies to the area for the prior 100 years.

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